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Lemon Chicken in Ready.Chef.Go BagProduct Review Disclosure

I am always looking for convenient ways to make healthy meals. It seems these days I am busier than ever, but I am committed to my health goals. I have never really steamed my food before, maybe broccoli a few times. Ready. Chef. Go! cooking bags make steaming entire meals easier than ever. They are making meal prep a breeze. I can steam dinner in the oven while cooking breakfast in the microwave.

Ready.Chef.Go! Bag

I only eat eggs one way: scrambled. But I love adding veggies. My favorite to add to eggs is asparagus. I also added Roma tomato, onion, and cheese.

Scrambled Eggs Ingredients

Ready. Chef. Go! bags are so easy to use. Put all your ingredients in the bag, seal it, and follow the timing instructions.

Scrambled Eggs in Ready.Chef.Go Bag

I scrambled the eggs with a fork and carefully added it to the bag while holding it upright so it wouldn’t spill.

Eggs in Ready.Chef.Go Bag

I gave the bag a few shakes to make sure the ingredients were well mixed. When you are ready to cook, set the bag on a plate, pop in the microwave and let the bag go to work! For scrambled eggs, I recommend 3 minutes, with turning the bag over half way through to make sure all the egg gets cooked. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Scrambled Eggs Ready.Chef.Go!

Ready. Chef. Go! is all about fresh, packaged, take-home meals that you cook yourself, just without all of the headaches and hassles of cooking. You can cook seafood, meat, and produce, seasoned or marinated just the way you like. All of the fresh ingredients in your meal are packaged raw and ready to cook right in the bag.

Honestly, I had no idea you could steam meat! But I was ready and willing to try. I love chicken so I decided to create a Zesty Lemon Chicken bag. I added red potatoes and asparagus as well.

Lemon Chicken Ingredients
Once you have your bagged meal, the only step you have to do is put the bag in your microwave or oven and your fresh meal will be ready in as little as 3 minutes. That’s it! The results are so amazing that you won’t believe you cooked a meal that good in your microwave! If microwaves aren’t your thing, put the bag in the oven for the same outstanding results, although it will take longer.

Lemon Chicken in Ready.Chef.Go Bag for Oven

Steaming food is great because it locks in the flavors and juices, as well as the nutrients.

Zesty Lemon Chicken

And just like that I have a delicious meal in one bag. A meal like this normally would have taken much more effort and energy. One of the best things about using the Ready. Chef. Go! bags is there is little to no cleanup! I didn’t use any pots and pans, except to hold the bags in the oven.

Ready. Chef. Go! bags are inspired by the 400 year old French cooking tradition of “en papillote,” meaning “in parchment”. En papillote is a method of steam cooking food in a sealed pouch, most commonly parchment paper. This quick, simple, and healthy cooking tradition makes meals that are juicy, savory, and fragrant. When moisture inside the pouch reaches the right temperature, it will turn into steam that will circulate inside, gently and quickly enveloping and cooking the food in its own natural juices along with the juices of any added ingredients. Ready. Chef. Go! bags are designed to give you the fresh, moist, and outstanding food quality of en papillote in a convenient package that takes the guesswork out of cooking.

Ready. Chef. Go! Bags are available online in packs of 6 for $5.99.

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