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Effective Personal Finance Techniques for Young Adults

Do you find it difficult to juggle personal finances? If so, then you aren’t alone. Millions of young working adults and college students have difficulty balancing income with expenses, saving money regularly, and keeping spending under control. There are all kinds of techniques for achieving personal goals and living on a budget. Joining a wholesale shopping club is one of the simple ones, but there are many others.

If you’re a college student and need money for school, consider getting someone to cosign your loan application. Other personal budgeting hacks include buying versatile clothing, carpooling, and downloading a dynamic budgeting app. For college attendees and those just starting a career, it’s imperative to learn how to handle money. Consider the following methods.

Find a Cosigner for Student Loans

Getting someone to cosign on your college loan application can be a challenge. That’s because you’re essentially asking the person to put their good credit rating at stake for your benefit. If there’s an emergency or you are late with payments, the lender can go to the cosigner and ask them to cover the shortfall. But if you can find a person who is willing to take on the role, your chances of getting approved for a school loan are much better.

Most young people ask a parent or adult friend to assist them with getting money for college, and most students get their loans because they find cosigners. Not many young adults have a credit history deep enough to get approved for financing. Having a second name on the application means not only upping the chance for approval but also getting better interest rates. Before asking someone to cosign for you, review a comprehensive guide that gives all the details about the process. That way, you’ll be more prepared to answer their questions about cosigning.


Whether you live with friends off campus or at home, consider carpooling to class to save time and money. Plus, not using your personal vehicle every day minimizes wear and tear on the engine. That means fewer repairs, lower fuel bills, and the chance to save a bit of money for other purposes. Get in the habit of carpooling to class, social events, and weekend trips to the grocery store to save even more.

Use a Dynamic Budgeting App & Spreadsheet

In the digital era, budgeting is easier than ever, thanks to free apps and dynamic spreadsheets. Check with your favorite banking and financial websites to locate and download a budget app. Fill in all the categories and amounts. Set savings levels to the desired level and include due dates for all recurring expenses. Dynamic software is ingenious because it takes the drudgery out of controlling personal spending.

After setting monthly and weekly spending targets, be diligent about sticking to the plan. It’s one thing to have all the detailed numbers down on a spreadsheet, but it’s quite another to walk the walk and adhere to the listed amounts for discretionary spending, saving, etc. Most working people discover that if they spend time on the process, then it’s much easier to alter their spending behavior.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.