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Elegant Touches To Give Your Home A Modern But Welcoming Aesthetic

Elegant Touches To Give Your Home A Modern But Welcoming Aesthetic

The summer is just around the corner and for many of us, the warm and sunny months before fall sets in will be the perfect time for catching up with friends, neighbors and family over coffee or, better yet, holding barbecues, cocktail soirees, indulgent dinner parties or opulent garden parties to show everyone just how formidable our hosting skills really are. While we tend to be a lot more sociable in the sunnier months, casting aside the last of our Seasonal Affective Disorder and getting out and about, there’s a certain simple satisfaction to allowing others into our home for social occasions. This is an opportunity not just to show people around our homes and possessions but to give them an insight into our personalities. Everything from the colors we paint the walls to the art we hang on them to the books and DVDs we display on our shelves makes a statement to our guests. Although there are many ways in which we choose to decorate our living spaces, most of us tend to fall into two broad categories. There are those of us who prefer a traditional aesthetic which recalls with nostalgia the design affectations of the past. Likewise, there are those of us who prefer the clean lines and almost futuristic simplicity of a modern aesthetic. Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can imbue your home with a modern aesthetic that will not only provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere in which to spend your free time, but will provide ample talking points for your guests…

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Modernism is minimalism

There are many defining principles behind the modern aesthetic but chief among them is simplicity. This not only makes for an aesthetically pleasing space for you and guests to spend time in, it can also benefit your mental health. Clutter makes a space look visually busy and can be distracting to look at, but it can actually prove quite damaging to our mental health, too. Hence, if you are to attain a truly modern look, don’t let it be cheapened by mess or clutter. Stay diligent when cleaning and tidying and you will maintain the integrity of this timeless look.

Don’t over crowd your walls

Maintaining a modern aesthetic is tricky when your walls are a patchwork of photos of your kids’ first day at school, your graduation photos and an image of your husband standing next to a really big carp he caught in 1998. Modern walls should not be bare, but any wall art you display on them should be used sparingly and chosen with great care. Choose something that has special meaning to you. Whether it’s a piece of contemporary art or the poster for your favorite movie. You can also enhance the effect of statement wall art with illumination in particular by using modern or vintage wall lights. Lighting your art can draw the eye to it and ensure that the intended effect is not diminished by your ambient lighting.

It’s all about geometrics

Modernism is not only largely about minimalism and simplicity, but lines. While nature may not build in straight lines, modernism is all about straight lines and angles. Thus, while a modern aesthetic may eschew elaborate patterns in things like drapes, cushions and soft furnishings, geometric shapes and patterns can really the modernist effect. Fortunately, modern decor affords lots of opportunities to incorporate geometric shapes from geometric bookcases to ceiling fans from a modern ceiling fans design specialist. A modern design may be minimalist in nature, but there are still plenty of opportunities to let your creative side run wild.

Keep it neutral, keep it natural

Although one might consider the modern aesthetic an inherently unnatural look, embracing nature can prevent your home from becoming too sterile or futuristic to the point where it alienates. Consider using wood and stone wherever possible as well as using natural fabrics like cotton and linen in  your soft furnishings. Likewise, when it comes to choosing colors you should try not to deviate too much from neutral and natural tones. If, however, you yearn for a splash of color, you can add this in your accessories such as cushions and vases. This will help to create a calming and harmonious space that doesn’t look too Clockwork Orange-y.

Make the most of your windows

Nothing compliments a modern aesthetic better than an influx of natural light. This will help to accentuate the cleanliness and simplicity of your look. Thus, your windows should be unencumbered by heavy drapes. A blind adds a much more contemporary edge to your windows and allows you to invite natural light into your home while allowing you to easily prevent excessive glare.

WIth just a little imagination, your home’s modern yet welcoming style can be easy and affordable to achieve.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.