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Five Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained

Whether it is school break or a wet weekend, kids need some entertainment to keep them feeling happy and fulfilled. While playing games consoles or viewing tablets has its place, limiting screen time is beneficial for many reasons. If you are wondering what you can do to keep your kids entertained, here is a guide to screen-free activities for children of any age.

  1. Geo-Caching – if your children are against the idea of going for walks, then make it more interesting by trying Geo-Caching. Geo-caching is a worldwide phenomenon and turns any walk into a treasure hunt. A cache is a small box that often contains swag or treasure. The idea is that you can take something out as long as you put something in. Download the app to your phone, and it brings up a map of geocaches in your area. Don’t forget to log your finds!
  2. Theater – there is something special about a live performance, so instead of going to the cinema, try going to the theatre. The theatre is a treat for the senses: there is color, music, and an exciting atmosphere. So whether it is children’s musicals London, a funny play, or a dance show, the theater is a fun place to spend some time.
  3. Cooking – if you have a child who is a budding chef, then find some easy recipes and let them develop their skills. Younger children will need some help with measuring ingredients and handling hot items, whereas older children will enjoy being able to make things on their own for you to try. Baking cupcakes is a good idea to begin with, as most children will enjoy eating them afterward!
  4. Days Out – having days out together is a fun activity, and there are many options that will suit any budget. Special treats might include going bowling or booking a session at a trampoline center. There are many activities that you can do for free too, such as museums, libraries, and galleries. Or you might like to take a tour of a city that you have never been to before, or go out into the wilderness for a picnic.
  5. Get Creative – when you are stuck for something to do, then why not get creative? Children of all ages will enjoy drawing and painting. Or, how about decorating a photo frame or turning old pairs of jeans into cool cushions for a teenager’s bedroom? The best thing about doing something creative is that is gives children the chance to explore their imagination, learn new skills and have something to be proud of when they are finished.

Sometimes it can be difficult knowing what you can do to keep the kids entertained, but any of the ideas in this guide are sure to please the pickiest of children. So, rather than reaching for the computer games, encourage you, children, to try something different instead. They will probably enjoy it more, and it could help them to create a lifelong passion for something.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.