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Introducing Lyft! Your friend with a car whenever you need one. Lyft is more fun and costs less than a cab. Just download the app, tap a button and a friendly driver will be on the way. You get to see a picture of the car and driver, and watch from your phone as the Lyft approaches your location. Passengers sit in the front seat where they can charge their phone and choose the music. There’s a built in rating system to maintain an awesome community. You’ll also never have to worry about having enough cash because all payments are made with a credit card in the app.

Get your first ride FREE up to $25. Just CLICK HERE to get your credit. (First time users only) – I have personally used Lyft and I love it! Many drivers have a theme and decorate their car, offer cookies, and just make it an awesome ride!

Right now, Lyft is in the following cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orange County, Phoenix, Sacramento, St. Paul, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and D.C.

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