Sign up on Crowdtap for this Sample and Share to receive (8) 2-count samples of AdvilĀ® Film-Coated and 4 Coupons.

How a Sample and Share Works
1. Apply for the sampling – Register for Crowdtap and fill out the short sampling application to be eligible for this opportunity.
2. Get your sampling kit in the mail – Your sampling kit, which will be filled with product samples and other goodies, will arrive a few weeks after you’re accepted as a sampler.
3. Share the samples – Open the kit, and distribute the goods. After you and your friends have had a chance to try out the samples, you’ll fill out surveys and submit photos to provide feedback.
4. Report back and win prizes – After the surveys have been filled out and submitted, you will receive a cash reward for hosting the party. You’ll also be awarded Crowdtap points, which qualify you for new opportunities down the road.

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