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Fytso #3 Review – June 2015

Fytso #3 Review – June 2015

Fytso Box

Fytso is a personal fitness styling service that is similar to Stitch Fix, but it works a little differently. There is no membership fee (yay!), but you pay for everything up front, before you try it on. The styling profile is pretty thorough, including asking for all your sizes, pinterest account, and asking whether you like or dislike sample outfits. You do get to see pictures of the items before you purchase and if you don’t like something, your stylist can change out items before they ship. And, you can always return the items you don’t want for a refund. They send a return label automatically to your email.

Here is what I received in my June Fytso box:

Padded Reebok Sports Bra – $29.95 [KEEP]

This was a bra I had received in my first Fytso box, but it was too large. I sent it back and requested a smaller size and they were able to finally send it! However, it was originally pink and they sent me a purple one this time.

Padded Reebok Sports Bra - Fytso July 2015

I love the back of it as well. The Reebok text is a nice detail.

Padded Reebok Sports Bra Back - Fytso July 2015

Tank by Asics – $24.95 [KEEP]

I really love the length of this shirt and the overall design, but it looked funny on top when I put it on. However…

Tank by Asics - Fytso July 2015

I think these are reflectors on the lower back side of the tank! KEEP!

Tank by Asics Back - Fytso July 2015

Tee by Nike – $25.95 [KEEP]

This tee is not as long as I would like but it is so comfortable. And it’s black, which I never say no to.

Tee by Nike - Fytso July 2015

Nike Dri-FIT technology pulls sweat away from your body for faster evaporation to keep you drier and more focused on your activity. Incorporated into fabrics designed for warming, cooling, support and protection, it’s the foundation for every piece of Nike performance apparel.

Tee by Nike Back - Fytso July 2015

Capris by Sketchers – $44.95 [KEEP]

This capris are adorable! And my favorite color!

Capris by Sketchers - Fytso July 2015


These socks were not in my preview and I did not pay for them. For some reason I stopped receiving a notecard in my box, so I do not have an explanation as to why I received these. But I’ll take them!

Adidas Ankle Socks - Fytso July 2015

Right now, everything is sent to you by email. The preview of your monthly selections is sent to you by email, and then the link to checkout is sent in a separate email. You are not able to view your orders online. I really wish I could see my order online in my account without using the link from the email. I also think they would be wise to start offering discounts. Right now I’m purchasing everything at full retail value, so I don’t see the perk of having this service when I can shop on my own. Because of this, I will most likely cancel.

If you are interested in signing up, you can join Fytso here.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.