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Getting Married in Houston? Plan the Perfect Wedding

Getting Married in Houston? Plan the Perfect Wedding

With the city of Houston being larger than the state of Maryland, there are literally hundreds of different wedding venues and honeymoon spots to consider. If you’re planning on getting married in Houston, choosing the right venue will be paramount, especially if you’re hoping to impress your guests. Selecting the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony can be a challenge, with options abundant in a city that is geographically large enough to contain Boston, New York City, and San Francisco. To help make planning your wedding easier, below we’ve highlighted a handful of the most interesting ceremony ideas and wedding venues in Houston:

Check Out the Nearby Beaches

Beaches are always great places to hold wedding ceremonies, especially on the soft sands of the Gulf of Mexico. Notable beaches near Houston include Surfside, Stewart, Galveston, and the Bolivar Peninsula. Many of the beaches stretch on for miles and miles, making it easy to find a private and unique spot for a small wedding ceremony. Having a modest family get-together/wedding ceremony at a nearby beach is an excellent way to save money and enjoy nature while you tie the knot. Be sure to plan the closure of the ceremony to coincide with the timing of the sunset or sunrise for the most picturesque beach wedding possible.

Marriage in a Park?

Another great idea is to take advantage of one of the area’s many scenic state parks that are home to an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenic drives. Some of the more beautiful parks in the Houston area include Brazos Bend State Park, Huntsville State Park, and Moody Gardens. Finding an ideal ceremony location in nature is usually not that difficult, especially if you enjoy hiking and exploring the great outdoors. You can usually find a large opening or shaded spot under the trees that can serve as a makeshift altar and kissing ground.

Book a Fancy Venue

If having a wedding on the beach or amongst the trees doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, consider booking one of the Houston area’s many fine wedding venues. For example, nestled in the luscious greenery of the Northwestern Houston area lies Chateau Polonez, a stunning European-style venue highlighted by vault ceilings, painted walls, an amazing grand ballroom, a separate buffet room, full-service parlor and cozy bar area, a wooded fireplace, a gazebo and more than 5 acres of gardens. This elegant estate can accommodate wedding ceremonies of up to 350 guests and is conveniently located just a short drive from the city.

See it For Yourself and Don’t Forget the Weather!

Finally, before you make up your mind about any of the places we’ve suggested above, we would always recommend stopping by to get a feel for the place in person before committing to a specific destination. In closing, we remind you to keep the weather in mind when planning the reception, particularly if you’re going with the beach or park ideas.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.