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Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

With spring approaching it’s time to think about working on your home. Spring is usually the time for fresh starts and new ideas, so apply this thinking to your home. We have come up with some ways to help get your home ready for spring.

Spring Clean

What does everyone do when spring arrives? Spring clean of course. Take a day or two giving your home a deep clean and declutter. Sometimes our homes can get cluttered without us noticing, then one day you realise how much stuff you have accumulated, especially over the christmas period. A good way to declutter is to follow Marie Kondo’s approach of if it doesn’t spark joy for you then throw it away. When you are left with the objects that give you joy, find a place for them in your home. Once you have decluttered you will feel a lot better about your home. Spring time is also the time we spend cleaning all the dust and cobwebs away from the winter months. Focus on cleaning your air conditioners, bbq’s and air vents, these are all things you wouldn’t generally use in the winter so can become a little dusty. 

Don’t forget to clean up the outside of your house as well as the inside. Winter months are windy and wet so there might be a lot of leaves and branches to sweep up. Check your guttering specifically, for leaves, twigs or other debris that might have made its way in. Sweep up your garden paths and wipe down any mulch or moss that has made its way onto decking, furniture or walls.

Change Up Your Decor

When heading into spring you should think about what decor you could change to fit the season. Spring colors usually consist of greens, yellows and pinks, whereas winter months are normally deep reds, blues and burnt oranges. This doesn’t mean going out and repainting all your walls bright yellow, you can swap out the small things like throws, rugs and pillows to add a small hint of spring to your decor. Think about changing your sofa cushions to a brighter shade to really let some colour in, if you are feeling like you want a little more color you could also change over your curtains and rugs to match your new colour scheme. Then find a place in your basement or attic for your winter/fall furnishing to sit until the season changes again.

Another way to brighten up your home is to incorporate flowers into your decor. Flowers are the whole essence of spring, they bring amazing colours and wildlife to the new season. Head on down to your local florist or sign up for a monthly flower subscription so that your home is always full of beautiful flowers. Tulips, daffodils and lillies are all great spring flowers that can really brighten up any room you walk into. 

Complete Any Unfinished Odd Jobs

When it comes to getting your house ready for spring you should turn your attention to any odd jobs you have yet to finish around the home. Fixing holes in the wall, scuffed skirting boards or loose hinges are all things you can do yourself. For more complex odd jobs such as replacing roof tiles think about calling a roofing company, or for fixing garden paths a professional gardener. Once all these jobs are done you can really start to enjoy your home and outside space without worrying what needs doing. 

Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Wildlife and nature are what spring is about, get your garden ready for all to enjoy. Start by clearing any debri and weeds from your paths and flower beds. Tidying up your borders can make an instant change to the atheatic of your garden. To attract wildlife to your garden, erect a bird table and fill it with seeds, nuts and fat balls and create a flower sanctuary for bees, butterflies and other insects. 

There are some small ways to make your garden cosy for those spring evenings, think about investing in some outdoor lights and heaters. Then you can take full advantage of your outside space and incorporate some outdoor furniture. Cosy up on a porch swing with a glass of wine and look at the moon and stars or create a fire pit for all your guests to socialise around. The possibilities are endless.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.