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Green Is Great For Every Type Of Modern Businesses

If you look at the latest polls, it’s clear that the opinion customers and clients have on environmentally friendly practices has changed. In the past, it could be argued that customers weren’t bothered that much whether a company they bought from was green and free of environmental issues. However, these days, customers want to know that the companies they choose are doing their part to help sell the planet. There is a wide range of different ways that you can go green in your business. This is true whether you are running an industrial company, home-run business, or a company from an office. Let’s explore each of these possibilities in turn. 

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Industrial Business 

It’s possible that you are running an industrial business. If that’s the case, then your main focus when you are going green should be on the equipment that you are using. It can be worth exploring different suppliers to find out which one has a reputation for producing green-friendly equipment that you can use in your business model. 

Of course, you also need to think about the type of equipment that you choose. One example would be if you are investing in equipment to move around heavy items in a warehouse or industrial facility. One of the best ways to do this would be with a vacuum generator. When you buy vacuum generators, you need to think about whether to choose an air generator or an electric powered generator. Generally speaking, electrical powered generators are going to be three times as efficient. As such, this could be the ideal option. 

Of course, with an industrial company, you can also think about exploring renewable power choices too. For instance, you might want to think about adding solar panels to your office property or even wind turbines. This is going to depend on your business budget, the climate of your location, and the available space that you have. 

In the past, solar panels and wind turbines were far too expensive for the typical business. However, these days, the cost is far more manageable and that’s not the only benefit. You can also explore subsidies that are available from governments and environmental agencies. On average, if you choose a solar panel setup for your company then you could find that you cut at least 25% off your energy bill. It’s a massive saving and one that you should definitely consider taking advantage of. 

Home Run Business

Of course, you could be running a home company. If that’s the case then your options on how to go green and how to show clients that you are green will be more limited. However, there are a few possibilities worth considering here. 

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For your own benefit, you should definitely think about the tech that you are using. If you are going to be using a computer 24/7 then you need to ensure that it’s as green-friendly as possible. It’s worth exploring which laptops and computers are going to help you save the most energy. Macbooks are well known for providing great energy-saving options. A lot of people incorrectly assume that if you leave your computer switched on all the time, it will save you more money in the long term. However, this is not the case and it’s better to switch your tech off through the night. 

You might also want to think about packaging. This is important if you are sending products and items out to your customers. It’s important that the packaging you choose is biodegradable and isn’t going to contribute to non-recyclable waste that your clients have. It’s possible that your logistics provider arranges that packaging for your business products. If that’s the case, then you should speak to them directly about their own standards for a green business model to see if it matches your own. For example, custom printed mailer boxes are an excellent way for businesses to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. These boxes provide a custom, professional look for businesses, while also promoting sustainable practices such as recyclability and reusable materials. Additionally, mailer boxes can be designed with custom labels and inserts to clearly communicate the company’s values regarding sustainability to the customer. Plus, custom mailer boxes can significantly reduce packaging costs due to their durability and reusability, resulting in greater cost savings for businesses that adopt this eco-friendly solution.

If you are running your business from home then you can automatically make your business greener by making your home greener. There are lots of different ways to do this. For instance, you might want to think about improving the insulation of your home. You’re going to notice this when you’re working from home through the winter months. You can check your home insulation by seeing if cold air is escaping into your property. If it is then your windows might be blown and if that’s the case they will need to be replaced by a contractor. 

You could also again think about investing in renewable energy for your home. You can get solar panels for a typical home property for a few thousand. Although the cost will largely depend on the size of your home and the type of energy consumption that you have. A brilliant benefit of the right renewable energy solution is that you can store the energy you save. In some cases, you will be able to sell this back onto the market and make a profit. As such, it can be a new revenue stream for your home company too. 

It’s also worth thinking about investing in smart technology. The right smart technology will allow you to manage your energy usage in your home. It will ensure that you’re not wasting a fortune in energy on different pieces of technology around the property. The right smart system will also allow you to expertly manage all the different areas of your home that are using energy while you are working comfortably from your home. 

Office Business 

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Finally, you could be running a business from an office property. The first thing that you should think about is the building itself. A lot of modern offices are now designed to provide the energy-saving solutions that companies and brands need. For instance, you will usually find that they are manufactured to have fantastic levels of insulation. One of the ways that this is achieved is with the installation of metal panels on the exterior of the building. These reflect light through the summer which means that the building will stay cool without putting pressure on your air conditioning system. 

Technology is an important aspect of an office business as well of course. You should be thinking about how to ensure that your tech is more green-friendly. Of course, this is going to be quite expensive. But you can always explore lease contracts. The right leases will provide low costs in the long term and ensure that you can always kit out your office with the latest green tech that is available on the market. Alternatively, you might want to think about allowing employees to bring their own tech to work. However, there’s no guarantee that every employee is going to have the right green tech. 

Recycling standards are often another key issue that you need to focus on if you want to ensure that your office property is green. It’s possible that your office is producing quite a lot of waste that can be recycled. Often, this is more an issue of education. You need to make sure that employees are aware of what materials should be recycled instead of adding them to typical waste. There are also services that you can use which will handle your recycling for you in a way that is eco-friendly. 

One of those is used IT equipment trading. By taking stock of computers and peripherals that need to be changed, companies can help save the environment and earn some bucks. Set aside excess hardware for assessment and trading instead of throwing them in the bin without a second thought. You can still refurbish pieces of equipment headed for the trash most of the time.

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Don’t forget, a big part of going green is to send the right message to clients and customers. That’s why you should think about your business fleet. If you are investing in a fleet of cars for your company, then you should make sure that these are green-friendly too. You could even think about investing in hybrids. These could look great outside your business office. Particularly if you have the money in your budget for charge points that you can position outside your business property. 

Alternatively, you could think about switching your energy provider. You have to remember that as a business owner, you always have the power to switch the company that you get your energy from. Energy providers always give different rates so it’s worth shopping around the market here for the right deal. A lot of business owners are put off by this idea because they think it’s going to be difficult to switch. However, the process is far easier than most people realize. 

Finally, you could think about going paperless in your business model. These days there’s very little need for paper files. Instead, you can go digital, store all your data on the cloud and stop being responsible for deforestation. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that you can make your business far more environmentally friendly. Don’t forget that by doing this you will be sending the right message to your customers and clients, letting them know that you are committed to helping the planet and improving things for everyone. Of course, going green isn’t the only way that you can show you are doing your part. You could also think about adding a philanthropic aspect to your business. However, that’s another blog post for another day. 

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