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Guide to Choosing Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics

A person can experience hair loss for a variety of reasons. While some people become bald naturally, for others it may be due to a sickness or disease such as cancer or alopecia. Hair loss can also be a result of lack of care for it or use of poor quality cosmetics/ hair product.

If you have experienced hair loss for whatever reason, don’t lose heart; there is hope for you! This is because medical solutions such as scalp micropigmentation can be used to restore your hair albeit through perception or illusion that it is there. You can see some reasons for hair loss and what you may be able to do here.

Scalp micropigmentation which is usually referred to as SMP for short is a medical but non-surgical procedure. This involves applying pigmentation or ink by means of tiny, micro-fine needles. The pigmentation is used to form several tiny layered dots that replicates the appearance of hair on the scalp. This gives the impression that the person has full and thick hair.

Scalp micropigmentation can also be used to hide scars and other blemishes that may be present on the scalp. It can be done on most skin types or colors. The procedure is typically carried out by highly trained professionals in this field. They make sure that the layered dots of ink blend with the skin color making it look closely like natural follicles of hair. 

Choosing a Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic

SMP is done in Scalp Micropigmentation Clinics where trained technicians handle the procedure. A SMP clinic should have all the necessary equipment as well as technology to carry out the procedure. The clinic environment should also be neat and sterile. This is important to avoid infections as the needles used for applying the ink will pierce the skin.

If you are interested in having a SMP treatment, you should start by researching SMP clinics in your area that offer these kinds of treatments. When you have chosen one, it is important to pay a visit to the clinic. A visit allows you to have an initial consultation with the technician that will be performing the procedure. Secondly, the practitioner will give you tips on what to expect as well as how you can prepare and be ready for the treatment.

Furthermore, you will be able to see and get first-hand information on the clinic and about the practitioner. This information can include if they are licensed to practice SMP. There are several licenses, certifications and permits that an SMP clinic should have in order to practice depending on the state where you reside. During your visit, you can cross-check to ascertain that the artist has their individual license and the clinic also has all the necessary permits.

Finally, visiting the clinic will expose you to how hygienic they are and if they observe necessary health protocols.

Questions to Ask A SMP Practitioner During Your Clinic Visit

When meeting with a practitioner, you should have a list of questions to ask them. This can include but not limited to the following:

  • What type of training they have.
  • How many SMP procedures they have done. 
  • How many treatments do they carry out in a single day? If the practitioner has a high number of treatments in a day, it is a red flag. It shows they do not give enough attention to their client. The treatment is time-consuming and therefore limits the number of clients a technician can see in a day.
  • Do they have pictures of previous treatments they have done?
  • What type of pigments do they use?
  • How long will the scalp micropigmentation last before you need to have it redone?
  • How much will the procedure cost you?
  • Do they have payment plans and what is the initial deposit?
  • Can you bring a friend along?
  • Do they offer a guarantee and can you get that in writing?
  • Is there a contingency plan if perhaps anything goes wrong with the treatment?

These and many others are questions you can ask so that you have assurance before going on with the procedure. You should ensure to have all your questions asked before leaving the clinic. If you are not satisfied, you can either talk to someone else or visit another clinic.

You will find tips on selecting an artist for your SMP here:

Getting Scalp Micropigmentation Done

Before the procedure, you would have an initial consultation with the artist who will tell you how to prepare for it. Also, in conjunction with the artist, you will select a color that closely matches your skin tone and the natural color of your hair.

An important part of the consultation is also discussing your desired look and goals as well as planning with the technician how many sessions that will take. It is common to have more than one treatment session as most procedures are completed in 2 or more sessions.

It is important that you eat before the treatment begins. If you like, you may bring snacks and drinks along as well as anything to act as a distraction if you are nervous.

The practitioner will give you instructions on how to care for your SMP after every treatment. This includes not touching the treated area in the first 4 days. Also, you should avoid doing anything that will get the affected area wet including showering, pouring water on your head and swimming. You should altogether avoid heat, staying under the sun, or getting involved in any activities that will make you sweat in the treatment area. You can read further about scalp micropigmentation in this article


Losing your hair for any reason can have a damaging effects on your personality and self-confidence. Not to despair; scalp micropigmentation offers you an option to rectify this.

You should ensure to carry out research and ask questions before selecting a clinic to have your treatment done. Doing this will help you select a clinic where you can get the best results as well as avoid getting infected.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.