If you have thinning hair or short hair, but you want to get thick, voluminous hair , here are some good and easy ways to add length and volume to your hair quickly.

1. Clip in hair extensions

Lilyhair Clip in hair extensions are the most ideal way to extend your hair naturally and comfortably. With easy clipping, you could have much longer and thicker hair look without wasting an hour. Normally, the clips are sewn to lace wefts, which ensure the security of hair extension set and ultimate wearing once applied.

2. Tape-In Hair Extensions

It is a special tape adhesive that holds the extension in place with no damages. The tape is strong , safe and non-damaging, you do not need to worry about that others will know you have extensions.

3. Ponytail Hair Extensions

These extensions are quite simple to apply. They either cover your naturally short hair, turning them into a long mane or blend-in with your natural tresses to complete perfection.

The best hair extensions are more than about length and volume, but make you feel confident and energetic and look beautiful. What do you think?

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