Who has time to clean their house? I don’t mean doing the minimum to make it look clean, but really getting all the germs, dirt, grime, and bacteria out of your home? I sure don’t! But cleaning services are so expensive, right? Not anymore! Homejoy brings homeowners and trusted, professional cleaning service providers together. Booking is easy. You can book, cancel, and reschedule cleanings directly on the Homejoy website via your computer or smartphone. Just enter your zip code and a few details about your home, choose a time that’s convenient for you, provide your payment information and book!

homejoy cleaning

With Homejoy, you only pay an hourly rate of $20 per hour. That is great rate! A lot of cleaning services do not charge an hourly rate. Many of them charge a rate per room, or even per item! My dad once surprised my mom with six months of cleaning service. I won’t name the service, but it is a very popular one. We had a table in our kitchen. It was clearly within the “room” of the kitchen. There was no separation between the two areas. Yet, they refused to clean that “side” because, according to them, it was the dining room and not on their list of areas to clean. It literally would have taken them 5 minutes to wash the floor and dust the chair and tables. This is not something you appreciate from a company you are paying a lot of money to clean your house!

Homejoy also offers some traditional “extras” such as cleaning the inside of your oven (my favorite!) and doing your laundry. To save $5, you can provide the cleaning supplies. This is easy if you’re a couponer like me and have enough cleaning supplies to clean the whole neighborhood. 😉

Homejoy ensures that every cleaner is professionally certified to clean and offers homeowners a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. They have services in over 30 cities, including Denver, Chicago, LA, and New York.

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