With football season starting at the end of the month, it’s time to gather friends and family, fire up the grill and cheer on your favorite team. Nothing brings people together on game day better than a tailgate! Apply to host this party on Crowdtap!

In the party kit
1 Kingsford Apron
1 Copy of Chris Lilly’s new cookbook: “Fire and Smoke”
1 Kingsford Coupon

How a Hosted Party Works
1. Invite your friends via Facebook – After you’ve signed up and been accepted as a party host, you can schedule a party on Facebook and invite your friends.
2. Get your party kit in the mail – You party kit, filled with samples and other goodies, should arrive in a few days.
3. Host the party – Open the kit, and distribute the goods. After you and your friends have had a chance to try out the samples, you’ll fill out surveys and submit photos to provide feedback.
4. Get rewards and points – After the surveys have been filled out and submitted, you will receive a cash reward for hosting the party. You’ll also be awarded Crowdtap points, which qualify you for new opportunities down the road.

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