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How Scroll Pumps Work to Improve Automotive & Supercharger Efficiency

To understand how a scroll pump improves automotive and supercharger efficiency, it is important to understand the meaning of a scroll pump and a supercharger in automobiles.

What is a scroll pump?

This is a device that compresses air in an engine. It is used in place of rotary reciprocating compressors to generate mechanical work. There are different types of scroll pumps in the market. A company like Provac distributes all types, including those for automobiles. To learn more, visit their site and search for scroll pumps in cars, and you will get variety.

What is a supercharger?

A supercharger is an air compressor that raves up the pressure of air supplied to an automobile engine. This increases the amount of oxygen entering the engine, and as a consequence, burns more fuel. The result is that the engine power increases, making the vehicle more efficient. 

With this background in mind, let’s go through how scroll pumps improve automotive and supercharger efficiency.  

  1. It reduces throttle loss

Scroll pumps do not have a dynamic discharge valve. They are designed to operate close to the selected rating point. The result is that they have a lower throttle loss, which translates to more power. It’s one of the key advantages of a scroll pump over a reciprocating compressor. When applied to a supercharged engine, the vehicle can become extremely powerful.

  1. It reduces trapped fluid 

A scroll pump enhances the fuel compression process volumetrically by 100%. This means it doesn’t leave any trapped fluid. On top of that, when using a scroll pump, the entire suction process creates its volumes. This process significantly enhances the operational efficiency of the supercharged engine, and also makes it more powerful. This efficiency is much more pronounced when the scroll pump is compared to the reciprocating compressor. A reciprocating compressor usually leaves a small amount of air trapped in the cylinder, which occupies space that would otherwise, be occupied by suction gas. The result is a significant reduction in engine power. 

  1. It enhances reliability

Efficiency is not just about power, there is also an aspect of reliability to it. If an engine can burn fuel perfectly, but its reliability is questionable, then it is technically inefficient. A scroll pump adds to the reliability of an engine because it has fewer moving parts. This means that, even when technical issues arise, it is easier for it to be repaired. To give you an idea of how a scroll pump makes an engine more reliable, consider the fact that it has 70% less moving parts than reciprocating compressors. In essence, when incorporated into a supercharged engine, it makes it efficient, reliable, and extremely powerful.

In spite of the enhanced efficiency that comes with scroll pumps, they are very affordable. You can get a good scroll pump for as low as $2800. You can also get one delivered anywhere in the world. A company like Provac sells and delivers these pumps to its clients all over the world. All you need to do is make an online order, and wait.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.