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How The Wedding App Business Revolutionized How Couples Share Their Love Story

Wedding apps have been one of the hot new trends in wedding planning over the last several years. How did these apps come about and why did they revolutionize how happy couples share the story of their special day?  Beyond just how to use wedding apps, it’s fun to know how these got their start and how they changed the way couples and guests share the excitement of planning and executing the big event.

Sharing Your Story

When the first wedding app and website builder came online, it changed the entire process. More couples could share their entire story, like they would share on a blog, to help their friends and family to learn about them and their experiences.

This allowed for distant friends and family to feel part of the celebration even if they couldn’t be at the wedding themselves. It expanded weddings beyond the boundaries of an in-person event.

All In One

The primary draw of these planning apps is that you can keep everything about your wedding in one place. It is a single spot to have your idea boards, registration, and venue information so you don’t have to lose your mind keeping track of everything.

There was a time when all of this would be kept in large binders, but the widespread use of digital technology allows for it all to be stored virtually.

Keep Everyone Informed

One of the many important benefits of a wedding app is that it acts as an editable invitation. You can include all of the details to send to friends and family throughout the process. From the engagement party to the wedding itself, they can keep track of dates and participate in conversations.

It can also be a place to store your wedding registry information. Rather than physically going to a store, your guests can buy gifts online. You can also opt for non-traditional registrations, such as money to go toward your honeymoon. There are apps just for that.

Make it Collaborative

There may be instances where you could use the help of your guestlist. Perhaps you need to make a decision about food or the venue. Maybe you want to crowdsource if it makes sense to have childcare available or keep the event kid-free.

An app allows everyone to join in the conversation, which can help you make important decisions along the way.

Find Ideas

There are also other tools that many brides and grooms use to plan their wedding. An all-in-one app can provide these details, but you can also look to outside sources. For example, there are apps just to help you determine the colors of your wedding.

Pinterest is also an obvious choice. All you need to do is enter the general theme you want for your wedding and you’ll source thousands of photos, blog posts, and other ideas to help you plan a flawless event.

Easy to Use

The revolutionary nature of these apps, and all similar organizational apps, is the life changing ease of use. Anyone now has access to the tools to plan a perfect wedding at their fingertips. From buying a diamond to create a perfect wedding set to sourcing handmade decorations off Etsy or other online sites, the internet has changed our lives.

Wedding apps offer a variety of solutions from interaction to registration and everything in between. There are so many to choose from that you can find the perfect tool for your perfect day.

From formal to casual, from fancy to rustic, your wedding should be all about your story. You can use a wedding app to help you share your story with everyone you love.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.