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How To Book The Perfect Wedding Venue

We cannot overstate the importance of choosing the right venue for your wedding. All of your other decisions and choices center around it. It is vital that you choose a wedding venue that compliments the theme and vibe you are going for, as well as being within your budget and in the right location. Once you have chosen the venue for your wedding, such as Evins Mill Resort, everything else, from the outfits to the food to the decor will fall into place.

Let’s look at some tips to help you find the perfect venue.


  1. Start looking as early as possible

The last thing that you want is to fall in love with your dream venue to find out that they are fully booked for the next two years when you want to get married in a few months’ time. Wedding venues and vendors tend to get booked up years in advance, so if you really really want your first choice and have a date set in mind, start your venue search as soon as possible.  If you have a more flexible date range, the availability of your venue can help you decide on your wedding day. Spring and summer tend to be the busy months for weddings but that does not mean you cannot hold a successful wedding in winter or fall, you just need to be creative to work around the weather. However, if you are arranging an outdoor party, make sure that you have a backup plan. It is a good idea to have access to indoor space or something like a tent or a marquee just in case.

  1. Consider the location

When you are thinking about where you would like to get married, there is a lot to consider. It might be your big day but you don’t want to make your guests have to jump through all sorts of hoops just to get there. Consider things like how close the venue is to airports and train stations, and whether there are hotels or other types of accommodation close by. Is the venue easy to get to or completely off the beaten track? Is it accessible for people who disabilities and what is the parking situation? If you are holding your wedding on a weekday, you also need to take rush hour traffic into account, especially if the area is a busy one with traffic jams.

  1. Use a wedding planner

Wedding planners can make a wedding extra special and take a lot of the stress away. If you choose one who has worked in the area where you want to get married, they probably will be able to recommend a venue available to meet your style, budget, the number of guests you want, and everything else. They are also able to picture possibilities of the blank space and give you an idea of how your wedding venue and layout could look. At the very least see if your wedding venue has an on-site coordinator who can talk you through the logistics of the venue,

  1. Think about the number of guests

Before you begin your venue search, you need to have a rough idea of how many people you want to invite. Many venues require a deposit that is based on an estimated number of guests. You need to make sure there is enough room as well. There needs to be plenty of room to put the tables out, sit comfortably and have a dance floor but also for guests to be able to move about. However, you do not want there to be too much space because there will be a lack of intimacy and coziness. Of course, if you are planning well in advance and you haven’t got your guest list settled yet, you will need to estimate and refine the numbers as the date gets closer. There is a massive difference in the cost and planning between a small party and a huge bash.

  1. Be clear about your budget

The biggest chunk of your budget will probably go to your wedding venue. However, it is important to be crystal clear about what is included. Do you have to pay extra for the tables and chairs, linens, dinnerware, drinkware, parking, insurance, catering, service charges and so on? These can push the cost of the venue right up, so it is important to confirm any additional charges with your venue before you book it. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.