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How To Bring Your Dead Hallway Space to Life With Smart Décor

The hallway is often regarded as one of the most abandoned spaces in our homes. In most houses, it is a dumping ground for coats, shoes, keys, post and all the other general belongings that you take hold of at the last minute as you are leaving the home. On the other hand, it is in fact the first space that guests get to see when they enter the home and therefore, your hallway should impart an instant wow factor. Even though it is not a room but, it serves as a passage to other rooms in the house. As a first impression is the last impression, it is very important to pay equivalent attention to all the corners while giving a makeover a home. Mentioned below are some of the points to take into consideration when it comes to bringing your dead hallway space to life.

Give a bold paint to the hallway space

In order to give the hallway space a vibrant new look, you can think of painting the walls of the hallway in a vibrant and bold color. This way this space will stand apart and you can even play with variations of the same color when selecting accessories such as the area rug or the carpet. Patterns can also be a part of the design.

Focus on the lighting

The hallway is a covered space that typically has no outlets or windows. This is why it is of utmost importance to select the perfect kind of lighting. The simple looking solitary pendant light will perhaps be inadequate so it is best to have two or to select spotlights or some other kinds of living room neon sign.

If you’re open to something a little unique then neon artwork (like this from Voodoo Neon) in place of lighting is also a very good option – it can create a focal point in the entryway to the home, soft mood lighting (yes, counter to most people’s thoughts about neon), and makes the space really glow with warmth.

If it’s not feasible to hang lights from the ceiling in this area, you could opt for a custom neon sign to adorn the walls. This will not only add a different style of illumination, it can be as personal as you like. It could be a song lyric, wedding vow or favorite quote, it will definitely create a talking point for the room!

Add shelves and decorate it beautifully

The hallway is not typically a very functional space. It is more of an intermediary area. But, this does not mean you cannot take benefit of it and convert it into a pretty space. By including shelves on the hallway space you will be able to stock up as well as exhibit all kinds of items, from collections to all kinds of decorations. You can also add a bit of greens as this can convert any space in the house into a charming one. But, maintaining the actual plants and trees usually require a lot of patience and time and this is something that is not just possible for today’s generations as they always stay busy with work. However, this does not mean that you cannot add greens to your space if you don’t have time to take care of them. There are certain alternate options available, for example, you can add large silk trees, fake palm trees, red oak trees with artificial branches and artificial bonsai tree in the hallway space. These artificial plants do not need to any maintenance except they need to be cleaned once a week.

Include door mat or rug in the hallway space

In order to make your hallway more hospitable, adding a door mat or rug is a great idea. There are certain challenges that your hallway experiences every day such as dirt spots and muddy boots. Moreover, wood or tiles flooring do not offer comfort to the feet, therefore; it is best to choose an attractive hallway door mat or rug. These not only offer relieve to your feet but, also cheer up the space. Besides door mat can also help to keep away moisture, protects the floor from grazes and makes the space feel a lot cozier. When it comes to selecting a door mat or a rug remember that for a neutral colored wall, a patterned mat or rug can add some vibrant colors to your hallway. Proper measurement of the door’s pathway is essential prior to opting for one.

Fixtures and mirrors

To give an appealing feeling to your hallway space, you can add some trendy lighting fixtures. A chandelier in the centre can make your space attention-grabbing, particularly if your hallway space is huge and vast. To give a unique look to a small hallway, you can use dimmers and a classic wrought-iron chandelier along with some ceiling lights and spot light fixtures. If you have a small and narrow hallway space, you can include mirrors. Mirrors not only offer beauty but, also allow light that make the space look extensive. You can hang large mirrors on the wall to make the smaller hallway space look bigger.

Create a focal point

Provided the fact that the hallway is typically a restricted, narrow and long space, it can be useful to create a focal point so that it would not appear to be cramped. This way the eyes will focus on that specific spot and will most likely overlook elements that look dull and uninteresting. For instance, a beautiful painting can be mounted on the wall which can act as a focal point. Moreover, the artificial plants and trees with flowers can also act as a focal point. However, make sure that the center piece that you choose to create a focal point should complement the space beautifully. The center piece should not appear to be weird or peculiar. You can also accessorize the hallway with some pretty features such as candles, flowers, minimal sculptures and large vases. To create a hospitable hallway, you can also hang photos on the wall as they can provide a good first impression of your home. But always keep in mind that you should not overload your hallway space with too many decorative items.


These are some of the simple tips that you can refer to when it comes to decorating the hallway space of the home. You can also consult with an interior designer as they can guide you in decorating the hallway space beautifully keeping in mind your specific preferences, requirements and budgets. So, instead of making the hallway a dumping space, beautify it stunningly so that it can create a good first impression of your home in the minds of the visitors.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.