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How To Choose A Perfect Blush For Your Skin Type

The right blush is an important part of makeup. After all, it is the blush that will help you hide all the flaws of your skin, if any. If you use blushes skillfully and apply them correctly, then with their help you can correct the shape of the face and skillfully emphasize the contours and curves. Naturally, the question arises, how to pick up blush, so that it meets all these useful functions? To deal with this issue, it is necessary to initially learn what types of blushes are and what are the characteristic properties of each type.

Different types of blushes

The most commonly used and widespread are dry or powder blushes. They can be presented in different forms – compact, crumbly, or in the form of pressed balls. It is best to look at such blushes for owners of oily skin, as they, thanks to their dense texture, are perfectly applied, lay down well, and perfectly hide the shine of porous oily skin. Women with dry skin should choose creamy blushes. Their texture is much different from dry blushes, as the composition of cream blushes includes moisturizers and oils, this type of blush is applied purely on the foundation cream, only then powdered. 

Moreover, there are also blushes in the form of gel and foam. An important difference between these blushes and all the others is that they dry very quickly and, for the makeup to turn out neat, you need to have a quick reaction to properly blend them. Blushes in the form of gel and foam are perfect for oily facial skin.  Blush with bronze is ideal for summer makeup, as it looks appropriate only on tanned skin. With the help of blush with a bronze effect, you can give your skin a more tanned look and hide small flaws like under-eye dark circles if you  watched Netflix or played online casino last night just too long!) 

How to choose the right blush?

Depending on your skin type, you need to determine which blush makeup option will suit you best. Choosing the right texture is an important issue, depending on the right decision, the blush will last longer on your face and will be easier to apply to your skin. The next important issue is choosing the right shade for your face.

The basic rule is that the lighter the skin, the lighter the blush should be, darker tones and shades are suitable for swarthy girls. In general, blush should be combined not only with the type of skin, but also with the color of hair, and also depends on the tweed of the chosen makeup. 

For example, blondes with fair skin are best suited to pinkish-coral shades, you can also turn to pink colors, but without fanaticism, carefully growing out and leaving the maximum transparent tones. In general, blush is most suitable for brunettes. The most natural blush will be a peach shade, but it is necessary that they be very light and transparent, to achieve this effect, it is better to use a brush with natural bristles.

How to apply the blush correctly?

Application is the final step in the makeup application. And, depending on the type of face, blush should be applied in different ways. Pay attention to the brush – it should be wide with natural bristles, and the one that comes with the blush is better not to use, most often it is of low quality. If you apply blush with a brush, the movement should be from bottom to top, and if you use a sponge, it is necessary to carry out circular movements to achieve even application.  Do not forget that too bright blush can be corrected with a cotton disk. Follow your tips, play around, and stay as beautiful as you are!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.