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How to choose the perfect Dispensary for all your Cannabis needs

Selecting good weed can be a daunting task, and choosing a perfect dispensary even more so. With more states going for the legalization of Cannabis, the industry has received a big boom. Cannabis dispensaries are popping up on every corner and this makes it important to know how to choose the right dispensary for all your cannabis needs. 

In this article, we give a comprehensive guide on choosing a weed dispensary by telling you how to choose a cannabis dispensary that gives you the best bang for the buck.

Have you found a comfortable atmosphere?

If you feel like flying out of the door as soon as you enter the dispensary, it is an indication of a place you might want to avoid. Dispensaries near you should not be intimidating or too hippy. The atmosphere matters, and you should feel welcomed and comfortable in a dispensary. 

Good dispensaries have a lounge area with food or snacks for customers while they wait to be serviced.  The server at a dispensary should not make you uncomfortable with snarky looks or be rude to you in any manner. Remember, you pay not only for the cannabis but also for the experience at the store.

Is the dispensary near me?

Always opt for convenience over sophistication when it comes to location. Even if your brain tells you the dispensary on the other side of town sells the best weed, it is more practical to go to one that is nearby instead. However, if you’re looking for some distinct quality weed from a particular dealer then you can travel that extra mile. 

Your dispensary should be stacked up with all the popular strains and the sellers should make an effort to go the extra mile and bring to you a novel and experimental strains. This helps everyone as this promotes research in the field and gives consumers a wide variety of strains to choose from. 

Comparing dispensaries

If the dispensary you found is charging you an amount that’s insanely cheap, you might want to find out why. If the quality and quantity of the weed you’re buying are easily distinguishable from the one that’s charging twice the amount, you might have to be wary. Scepticism sometimes goes a longer way than scoring an unbelievably low-cut deal. 

An easy way to compare dispensaries is to check out both. By that, we mean, for you to buy your cannabis from both places. You could buy a strain that you have the most experience with, and taste the difference between the two places through it. This would guide your choice of the other strains that you are planning to buy. 

Quality of the product

Getting a good quality product is the most important factor in choosing a dispensary. You might want to ask questions like where do they source their weed from, do they use a single source or multiple sources, how long have they stored the product, and in what conditions? 

If the dispensary you’re at gives free samplers with a purchase, you might wish to take them and check out a strain you’ve always wanted to get. Someone who’s more experienced in buying weed might be of help here and share with you the telltale signs of good weed. 

You can also look online for signs of bad weed, these generally include:

  • No Aroma
  • Funky smelling
  • Colored Moulding
  • Dryness

Have you inspected your weed before buying it?

It is always wise to check the quality and quantity of your weed beforehand. This should be a regular practice regardless of the amount you’re paying. A Low-cost product does not mean you shouldn’t get to utilize the full value of what you’ve paid for. It is important you pay for good quality products only. 

Generally, if you had a bad experience with one strain that you brought from a particular dispensary, it could be an indication of the kind of quality that the dispensary maintains. The cannabis industry is cutthroat and so to survive competition, dispensaries make sure they provide their customers with nothing but the best. If your dispensary is not doing that, then there is a problem. 

Factor in Price!

Let’s say you like the weed they sell and the location is perfect too, but if they sell it for a bomb then it is probably not worth it. Ideally, you should undertake a survey and find out the price at which different dispensaries sell the same product. Making an informed decision here gets important because you don’t want your recreational bills going through the roof. 

We suggest that you search online for the average price of a particular strain in a particular state. This way you would be able to take an informed decision and get swindled by a sweet-talking salesman.

Ever heard of a budtender?

You go to your favorite club and the familiar-looking bartender makes you comfortable. The same goes for your weed dispensary. Many dispensaries are now adopting the concept of a budtender who is a trained professional to better serve you.

Such a person can help you understand your needs and suggest the best strain or product for you. Not only that, but they’ll be able to advise you on the best uses for your product. A budtender will have excellent knowledge of their products, including how to dry cannabis to ensure the best quality product. This care and expertise can make all the difference to your experience. Therefore, when choosing a dispensary, find out if they have a budtender. 

Is there a delivery service?

Some dispensaries provide delivery services with prepaid online services or even postpaid services when the goodie arrives at your doorstep. At times, it is more convenient to have your product delivered to you than to travel out of your way to score. These services might be costlier than your regular method of purchasing weed, but that should be fine because you are paying for the comfortable experience. 

Take feedback from previous customers 

We all love to check out restaurant reviews before we simply walk into a new place, don’t we? Similarly, it is always a plus point if you have asked around about the dispensary you’re going to. This way, you will know what to expect before you barge straight into a shabby shop.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.