It’s nice to have a space in your home that’s just for you, or at the very least, for adults only. If you have kids, then you will know how they can take over the house, and although you love to spend time with them, every parent needs time to themselves, too. This is why having a kids-free zone can be a good idea. Even for those without kids, a den is a great room to have in the house. Here are some tops tips on how you can create the perfect den to enjoy when you need some ‘me’ time. 


Fireplaces make a room feel very cozy and can add a sense of sophistication to it. With many different designs available now, you can install a fireplace in your den that will suit any décor choice you want. For example, if you’re trying to make the place look rustic, have a look at stove fireplaces and see how they can bring the room together. This feature will help you relax after a long day on cold, wintery nights. 

Add a Bar

Some people might find the notion of a home bar tacky, but it doesn’t have to be. As an adults-only room, including a liquor cabinet or luxurious wine rack in the corner could look rather impressive. Of course, you could always incorporate a corner bar with bar stalls if you wanted to. It’s up to you how far you want to go, but enjoying a nice glass of red in front of that fireplace would be nice, wouldn’t it? 

Comfy Couches and Chairs

Again, the design of the couch you choose to purchase for your den will all depend on the style you’re going for in the room. Chesterfields and other vintage style leather seating could look incredible, especially if you’re trying to evoke the feel of an old speak-easy or study space. Alternatively, a comfortable corner sofa could be perfect for lounging around and putting your feet up while you watch a movie or your favorite TV show. It’s important to get the right seating to make your den the perfect hideaway to relax in. 

Sound System/TV

If this room is going to be just for grown-ups, why not splash out on a good sound system and TV? It’s perfect for listening to music or watching movies, and if you do have guests around, you can all enjoy it together. Invest in a top-quality system for the best results.


Like a fireplace, a good rug on the floor can bring the room together and inspire a cozy atmosphere. In particular, rugs look amazing on hardwood floors and will certainly be a perfect touch for those who are trying to capture a rustic or country feel to their den. However, they work very well with modern stylings too, which makes them the perfect accessory. 

Everyone deserves some downtime once in a while. Help to make the most out of yours by creating the perfect den at home.

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