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How To Dress For Your Office Christmas Party 

The annual office Christmas party is a great opportunity to dress up and wear something a little more exciting and a little more special than you would when you normally see your work colleagues. It’s about having a great time and letting people know a little more about you, which can easily be done through your fashion choices. There are still certain etiquette rules in place – it’s your workplace after all, and you still need to have a certain air of professionalism about you – and that’s why it can be hard to choose what to wear. Here are some things to think about to help you out. 


One of the most important elements to consider when you are choosing your outfit for the office Christmas party is the location. Where the party is going to take place is a crucial factor, as it will influence the style of clothing you are likely to want to wear. 

If, for example, the party is happening in a classy restaurant, you’ll want to dress up, choose some gorgeous fashion jewellery online, and you’ll want to make sure you are comfortable – wearing something too tight will mean you’re not able to enjoy the food to its fullest. A night out at a bar or club is different again; you need to wear something that you can dance in, for example. Think about where you are going and create an outfit to suit. 

Time Of Day 

Something else to think about is the time of day that the party is taking place. The timing can affect many different aspects of your outfit including: 

  • Color 
  • Length
  • Layers 
  • Style 

If you’re going out for lunch then you are probably going to dress differently than if you are going out for dinner or to a club in the evening. 


We’re discussing an office Christmas party, so – unless you are in Australia, for example – it’s probably going to be a little colder than usual. There might even be snow, but even if the weather isn’t that bad, you’ll be cold if you dress is something that is too ‘skimpy.’ This might not be something you are concerned about if you know you are going to be indoors for most of the party, but what about afterward? Are you going to have to stand in line and wait for a cab in the cold? If so, you might want to consider at least bringing a good coat with you, or even wearing something warmer to begin with. 

The weather can often be changeable, so it’s wise to check before you go out to see if it is going to rain, snow, or be particularly cold. You don’t want a great evening to be ruined because you had an unpleasantly chilly end to it. 

The Activities 

Some office parties are just that – parties in the office. Some are sit down meals. Some are opportunities to dance the night away in a club. Some are more structured; paintballing, rock climbing, orienteering, bowling, or anything else that groups can do together might be on the agenda. 

It’s crucial to check to see exactly what you are going to be doing at your party before choosing your clothing. You can’t turn up to a paintballing adventure wearing an evening dress and heels – you won’t get very far in the game that way. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.