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There are some kitchen odors that we probably don’t mind, such as the smell of freshly made homecooked meals and the tempting aroma of freshly produced cookies. These can do much to ensure our kitchens smell good, and we won’t need to open every window in the room to let these delightful fragrances out. 

However, there are other smells in the kitchen that can have the opposite effect, and these can give us cause to find ways to freshen the air around us. 

To ensure your kitchen smells good, consider the following. We have included some of the causes of bad kitchen odors, along with a few helpful tips to remove them.

#1: Unblock your pipes

If there is a nasty odor coming up from the sink, this might be an indicator that there is a blockage within. This usually occurs when waste food or grease is emptied into the sink, and this can cause the issue of standing water as well as a terrible drainage smell. To remove a blockage, use a homemade mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean your pipes, or call on services akin to Ritz Plumbing to remedy the problem for you. 

#2: Wash your sponges

Your kitchen sponges can get seriously smelly after a lot of use, and this is because of damp, as well as the bacteria spread by ingrained foods. You should get into the habit of squeezing them out after use to limit any nasty smells, and you should also pop them into the dishwasher regularly to give them a thorough clean. 

#3: Clean out your fridge

Food spills and foods that have gone past their sell-by dates can cause your fridge to smell, so you do need to get on top of them. Firstly, get rid of any foods that should no longer be in there, and then set to work cleaning out your fridge. Clean around all the cracks and crevices to remove any hidden bits of food, and mop up any spills that could be causing an unpleasant smell.

Hint: It’s possible to neutralize any lingering smells in your fridge by keeping a bowl of baking soda in there, so tuck it away into the back corner to let it go to work. You should still make an effort to clean your fridge regularly, but the baking soda will mask the smells of those pungent foods you put in your fridge, such as any smelly cheeses. 

#4: Freshen up your garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal can be responsible for all kinds of unpleasant smells, but you can alleviate the problem. Collect lemon rinds and other citrus fruit peels and twice a month run them through your garbage disposal unit. The citric acid will break up the gunk and debris that is causing any nasty smells, and the sweet citrus scents will mask any lingering odors. 

So, other than opening all of your windows and lighting all of your candles, follow our suggestions to ensure a fresher smelling kitchen. You will benefit if you do, as you won’t be forced to limit your time in the kitchen every time you set out to make a meal!

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