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How to Give Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

How to Give Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

How to Give Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

When it comes to the bedroom, everything inside of it affects my mood. That is the space where I relax and sleep, and where I forget about everything that is worrying me, or the to-do list I have to complete the next day. Things like lighting, colors, and decor absolutely contribute to how I feel in a room. My bedroom used be dark and empty. For me, this did not give off the relaxing vibes I wanted it to. Dare I show you the “before” picture of my awful bedroom decor? Well, here it is:

How to Give Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

It is dreadful! Don’t judge me. I was young and had no money when I ventured out on my own. There is nothing on the walls, the lamps are dark, that gold comforter is just ugly… the list goes on. It was time for a change!

Summer Bedroom Makeover

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Follow these tips for advice on how to give your bedroom a summer makeover.

Use a Brighter Color Scheme

I used to love red and gold for some reason, they reminded me of a romantic winter movie. Well it’s summer, and these colors totally throw off my summer relaxation vibes. I decided I needed more blues and pinks and purples to make my room seem “happier.”

How to Give Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

I also changed out my old, antique-y headboard to this modern fabric headboard. The old one just didn’t go with the overall theme of the room anymore. I based it all on the comforter set I found at Ross. I love the colors and the pattern. With the deep purple and hints of teal, I was able to really pull the room together with all the finishing touches.

These dandelion wall decals are super easy to apply and add so much to the room without having to paint or put holes in the wall.

I added starburst wall art at the end of the flowing dandelions to give it a 3-D effect. I think it turned out great!

Change the Lamps and Light Bulbs

Cherry Blossom Snow GlobeSimpatico-Home Snow Hobnail Diffuser Kit

As you can see from the first picture, my lampshades were dark gold and I was using yellow light bulbs. It was so dreary in there. I upgraded a teal lampshade and silver base, with bright LED lights. The lamp is from Ross, but you can find similar ones here.

Fill the Empty Space on the Walls

Empty space on walls makes me feel so lonely! I hate the emptiness. I found these floating shelves at Ross (can you tell I shop there a lot?) and tiered them to fill up my big wall.

Floating Shelves from Ross (similar here) | Flowers from Ross | D.L. & Co. Candle Blackberry Nectar in Gold from FabFitFun | Block Letter E in Rose Gold from Ross | Flower from Ross

Canvas Home Dauville Multiple Bud Vase in Gold | Pineapple (similar here) | Rosanna Alhambra Medium Vessel

Leave a Little Sparkle print from Jane | Frame from Etsy

Get a Mattress with Cool Gel

If you are tired of hot summer nights, then you need to get a PangeaBed Copper Mattress.

PangeaBed uses copper-infused 100% pure Talalay Latex to bring you a cooler and cleaner sleep while offering exceptional comfort and support. I have never heard of a mattress that uses these materials! The mattress is composed of four layers:

  1. Soft Foam Quilted Cover (plush, breathable, and durable)
  2. Copper-Infused 100% Pure Talalay Latex (a cool, antibacterial and hypoallergenic layer)
  3. PangeaBed Cool Gel (reduces heat retention and pressure points)
  4. PangeaBed Support Foam (offers superior support while contouring to the sleeper’s body weight, making it the optimum base)

Use code SAVE75 at checkout to save $75 off ANY Mattress.

Not only did I replace my mattress, but I got rid of the additional mattress toppers (yes plural) and blankets I had on my bed. Less stuff = happy Emily.

I have been using this mattress for 4 months now, and I am getting some of the best sleep I have had in a few years. And now that I have moved to Albuquerque, the temperatures are hotter at night than I am used to experiencing! It has been in the 90s at night lately, which is just downright cruel! With PangeaBed, I am sleeping soundly through the night and waking refreshed.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to give your bedroom a summer makeover. Do you have any other advise?


How to Give Your Bedroom a Summer Makeover

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