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How To Improve Your Home’s Natural Lighting

When looking for a new home, one of the top features that people look out for is natural light. Researchers have linked exposure to natural light during the daytime to improvements in people’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

Natural light facilitates the production of Vitamin D, which strengthens the bones, immune, muscular, nervous, and cardiovascular systems in the human body. Plus, it makes any room in your home feel more natural and brighter and, in some cases, makes it look more spacious. If you want your home to be filled with uplifting natural light, here are three of the best ways to do so.

1. Use light paint colors

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If you want to create more ambient lighting for your home, why not consider giving your interior a paint job? If you have statement wallpapers or accent walls, get rid of them and replace them with a soft shade of lighter colors. White is the most popular option, especially because it helps rooms appear bigger and brighter, and it reflects the natural light that enters the room instead of absorbing it. If you decide to use white, opt for an off-white shade that gives the room a warmer ambiance and is more visually appealing. Stark, brilliant white often makes a room look unwelcome and can be too bright. Several other soft colors, like cream, light browns, or light pastel colors, are also excellent choices. You can also paint your ceiling with a much lighter shade than your wall to give the illusion of space and height. Also, opt for paints that give you a satin finish, as those reflect light more than the others. 

2. Windows

Windows are key to helping you enjoy as much natural lighting in your home as possible. The best way to increase the amount of sunlight in your home is by installing larger windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows, for example, not only bring in extra light but also make the rooms more welcoming. Installing larger windows also brings you closer to nature, especially if you enjoy spending time outdoors but can’t do so during the colder months. Having such windows will let you appreciate the view and landscape surrounding your home so that it is calming. Plus, they can also provide passive heat from the sun. Doing so helps you reduce how much you spend on heating your home. Professional services such as Andersen window contractors have some of the best window options for your home. 

3. Artificial light

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When used sparingly, artificial lights can help improve your home’s overall lighting system and create the perfect space for you. These lights can play a supporting role by setting them up in areas where natural lighting doesn’t reach. You can also install dimmer switches to help you control how bright you want your rooms to be lit. Typically, you would want them brighter at night. 

When you learn how to light your home the right way, it can become a sanctuary for you and your family. You will start to see the positive effects in no time!  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.