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How To Keep Your Roof In Good Repair

Keeping your roof in good condition is very important. From keeping water and debris away to preventing pest problems, your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. A lot of homeowners don’t realise how important it is to maintain their roof and keep it in good condition. However, if you wait until there are big problems, these can be incredibly expensive to put right. This is why it’s important to regularly check your roof. Here are some easy ways to keep your roof in top condition. 

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Inspect Your Roof Regularly

You should inspect your roof twice a year, or more if you feel the need to. Spring is a good time to do this, so you can look for any damage that may have happened over the winter. Autumn is a good time too, so you can look over the roof after the warmer months. Inspect your roof from the inside and outside to make sure you don’t miss anything. Look out for problems like light shining through, damaged or missing roof tiles, rotting wood, and pest damage. Call roofers if you find anything. 

Replace Damaged Shingles As Soon As You Spot Them

Following your isnpections, if you spot any missing or damaged roof tiles, try to get them replaced as soon as you can. Replacing damaged or missing tiles straight away will stop any water from being able to leak into your home, which could lead to more serious damage, like moisture, pooling water, or damage to the woodwork of your roof. When you replace your shingles, always use the same kind of shingle and nails. 

Keep Your Roof Clean

Maintianing your roof and keeping it clean will improve how it looks and make sure it stays in good condition. Keep an eye out for moss on the roof and get rid of it as soon as you see it. Moss holds onto water, so it should be removed. If you spot moss early, you can easily sweep it off. However, if it has been there for a while, you can kill moss fast with a solution of water and chlorine bleach. Black algae don’t look good, but it won’t harm your roof so this is less of an issue. 

Maintain Your Gutters

Debris can clog your gutters very easily, stopping water from flowing down to the downspouts. This can lead up to a buildup of water, which can then soak into and rot parts of your roof. Inspect your gutters on a regular basis to make sure they’re still securely attached to the house and that they are free of leaves and other debris. 

If you take proper care of your roof and inspect it on a regular basis, you can catch any problems while they are still small and relatively inexpensive to put right. The longer that you wait to make repairs like this, the bigger they get and the more damage they can cause, costing you a lot more. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.