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How to Look Expensive on a Frugal Budget 

With the cost of living higher than it has ever been, there is not much spare cash to flout around on well-cut blazers or cashmere jumpers, especially if we want to keep the heating on. But if we have to choose between looking our bougie best or looking like we have just given up, then some of us will really push for the first option. 

Whether you are team ‘sweatpants are life’ or team ‘Primarni’s’ finest, you do you. But for those who are still wanting to keep up appearances, this piece is for you.

Let us take a look at how we can look more expensive on a frugal budget and fool everyone into thinking that we can afford our petrol.

Neutrals Never Let Us Down

Neutrals are the easiest palette to get along with when wanting to look expensive. Not only do these colors never go out of fashion, but with the right tones, they can flatter everyone. 

Think nudes, browns, beiges, soft greens, blacks, crisp whites, and muted blues. One of the best things about using neutrals is that they can be mixed with each other almost effortlessly as well, so you spend less time worrying about what matches with what. 

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit 

Badly fitting clothes are the fastest way to an unflattering look – which does not scream expensive. While you might have to choose clothes that are a little less in quality, there are still ways that you can make them look much better on you. 

Making simple adjustments to your clothes to make sure they fit does not have to be difficult or expensive. Thankfully there are many tutorials out there for even the most inexperienced with a sewing needle that can help you take in a top or lift up the hem of some long trousers. These little shifts will offer big results when the clothes are on your body. 

Choose Quality Jewelry Pieces 

It can be very difficult to find a happy medium when it comes to clothes that look and feel good for a low cost, but this is not the case for jewelry. In fact, you can get your hands on well-crafted pieces of jewelry for low cost, even when they are made out of reliable and precious materials. This is an excellent way for making your outfit look expensive while only having to spend a fraction of the cost. Opt for trusted, specialist businesses such as jewellers Hertford for some timeless pieces that are reasonably priced. You can use jewelry with any outfit to immediately take it up a level, and the good news is that many different pieces will go with many different outfits. Not like just having to wear that one stylish jacket with everything to increase the aesthetic. 

Unless the goal is to make people think you have more money than you do, looking expensive is realistically looking put together, which everyone can do on a budget. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.