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How To Make Your Bathroom A More Relaxing Place

We all know the feeling. You get to the end of a particularly long and challenging day, and all you want to do is run a bath, throw off your clothes, and soak all of your troubles away. A bath can be an incredibly relaxing experience, but, only if the bathroom itself allows it to be. Although this room is one of the most used in modern-day household, it tends to be cluttered, uncomfortable, and clinical-feeling. With that in mind, here are six ways to make your bathroom a relaxing place.

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  1. Tidy Up The Clutter

When a bathroom is drowning in hair products, makeup, and other toiletries, it destroys the calm illusion you try to create. Because of this, you should move all of these items into a storage space, like a basket or cabinet. As convenient as it may be, storing these items in on the sides of your bath will only cause you stress, so replace them with calming candles and crystals instead.

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  1. Choose The Right Colors

Our minds associate different colors with different emotions, such as red with anger, passion, and danger. For a relaxing bathroom space, you’ll want to decorate with colors commonly linked to calm. These include white, blue, and green. All-white bathrooms can be easier to clean, but often feel quite clinical, so ensure you add splashes of other colors in the tiles, towels, or blinds.

  1. Update The Bath Towels

Nothing feels more luxurious than a big, fluffy towel to wrap up in before and after your bath. Because of this, you should consider throwing out your old towels and upgrading to new, plush ones. Just remember that, when it comes to anything in your bathroom, it’s not just about plushness – You should also choose colors that evoke feelings of peace and calm within you.

  1. Let In Natural Light

Dark areas can often feel quite closed-in and cramped, and, because your bathroom is probably one of the smaller spaces in your home, it’s important that you brighten this space up. You can start by opening up the blinds during the day. It also helps to decorate with light colors and mirrors. In the evening, you’ll find that candlelight is more relaxing than the overhead light source.

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  1. Add A Live Element

Bathrooms can often seem very sterile and lifeless. For this reason, you should consider adding a live element, like a plant, to the room. If you’re short of space, you could hang these plants from the walls or even the ceiling. Just be aware that not all plants can live in such a humid environment. Some people also like having an aquarium or fish tank in their bathroom.

  1. Create A Seating Area

After creating such a relaxing space, no one would blame you for wanting to spend as much time in there as you can. To make this possible, you should try adding some seating to the room. Depending on space, this could mean anything from a grand couch or armchair to a folding stool. Whatever you choose, you must make sure that it’s water-resistant.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can create a relaxing bathroom space you won’t ever want to leave.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.