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How To Make Your Shop More Inviting To Walk Ins

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If you run a brick and mortar business, we’re willing to bet that you’re always thinking of new methods to get more people into your retail space. Since more visits mean more opportunity to boost sales, a greater bottom line and a healthier company overall are the results. 

But how precisely can you increase traffic to your storefront?

Follow the seasons and popular culture 

Nothing turns customers away faster than a drab and outdated store, so updating your windows and in-store displays should be one of your first steps if you want to boost foot traffic. Give them compelling new reasons to visit your store. You can achieve this by including fashionable and seasonally appropriate items in your displays. Make sure your store’s aesthetics mirror the back-to-school season if customers are getting ready for it. Alternately, if a certain season is in full flow, think of pertinent themes to include in your displays. It could also be a simple thing like having entrance canopies then during the winter if people go underneath it to escape rain then see an inviting display they will pop in.

Use striking signage

Try including more things to attract customers if your store is in a crowded area with distracted consumers or if they aren’t stopping to look at your windows. Put up signs. It is easy, cheap, and efficient. The secret is to select eye-catching signs. You need to do more than just put a “SALE” sign on your door or window to accomplish that. To market your most recent products, you may place a sign directly outside your entrance. Another choice is to advertise any specials or deals you have going on via signs.

Invite influencers or experts 

Driving foot traffic is challenging, and occasionally you need to recruit outside help to draw in the people. Invite influencers or experts to your store as one method of doing this. This approach has been quite successful for many independent stores. A marketer’s go-to tool right now is an influencer. They are well-liked, efficient, and fashionable. Check to see whether you can put this plan into action. Could you invite any professionals or influential people to your store? Maybe you might collaborate with a well-known person from the area to give a speech or instruct a class.

Promote to current clients 

Although it is always wonderful to have brand-new clients enter your establishment, growing foot traffic involves more than just attracting new customers. Additionally, make an effort to entice repeat business from current clients. Because these people are simpler to convert, you’ll discover that your present client base is a significantly more profitable source of traffic. How can you increase traffic from current customers? Sending messages to encourage re-engagement is a useful strategy. Inform visitors who haven’t been in a while how much you miss them, and then offer an incentive to get them to return.

To make this work, you must ascertain how frequently customers return to buy your products. For instance, you need to know how long a bottle of foundation normally lasts if you sell cosmetics. The next step is to create an outreach schedule where you get in touch with clients to push them to make another transaction.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.