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How To Personalise Your Single Speed Fixie Bike

Fixie bikes are made to be customised. Here are the parts you can pimp yours with.


Image by BiERLOS a.k.a. photö via Flickr


One of the most fun things about a fixie bike is pimping it out. There’s a wide range of parts the make up a bike and a few cosmetic changes can leave you with a personalised machine. Here’s an idea of the parts you can get to make your fixie bike truly unique.


The chain is one of the most important parts of any bike. It’s really the only thing between you, control, and the bike. If the chain brakes, or the tension is a bit off, you could be freewheeling towards disaster. Chains are affordable and are built to last. Certain models have double corrosion resistance and are able to snap-lock which makes them easier to clean.


Why not treat yourself to some incredible pedals for iconic single speed fixie bikes? Grab a set that gives you the option to ride with cycling shoes or go clipless. They could be a little pricey, but essentially they’re two pedals in one. If you’re on a budget, colourful platform pedals let you add a pop of colour to your ride.


Drop bars and rise bars are fairly standard on the single speed fixie bikes. So why not switch things up with a pair of bullhorns? Certain brands are heat treated and ideal for a track-inspired ride in a big city. Decorate with cool bar tape in bright colours or even a touch of camouflage.

Crank Sets

A crank set has got to be incredibly strong and durable. Ensure you get a chain ring of the same brand for maximum compatibility and ensure there’s a good bottom racket too. Luxury cranks are usually designed for the track so you can turn the city into your very own velodrome.


You’ll be spending a lot of time on your saddle, so make sure you get a really good one. Go for durable leather and preferably a narrower model that will work well with fixed gears. These are built for speed and can help develop a good patina. If you’re a lot more into racing on your fixie bike, go for saddles that offer extra padding and ventilation.


You’ll simply have to upgrade your hub. While quality comes with a price, if you’ve got the budget, go for it.

Wheel Sets

Your bike is only going to take you as far as the wheel will. So why not get a better set of rims? Choose rims that are double walled and incredibly thick for extra durability. You can choose from a wide range of patterns and colours for true customisation.


Chain Guard

If you’re going to use your bike to get from place to place, the last thing you want is grease stains on your good clothes. Avoid that with quality chain guards that are easily adaptable and will keep you stain-free. Plastic chain guards are a good idea since they usually have hollow elements, keeping them lightweight and looking good.


Riding in the rain is horrible, especially when the wheels throw up mud and grit when you are pedalling. You can avoid all of that with fenders. Look for cool road fenders that can pop straight on and off and will be sturdy too.


If you’re pretty new to fixie bikes, you absolutely need a front brake. Even once you get the whole skid and stop thing mastered, it’s not going to hurt to have one just in case of an emergency. You might as well get a really good one, too, that has durable pads and can be easily adjusted depending on your style of riding.

So now, go out and pimp that fixie bike!



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.