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How to Save Money on Entertainment

How to Save Money on Entertainment

Save Money on Entertainment

No-one likes to feel like they’re missing out on the fun things in life, but sometimes your budget just won’t cover everything you want to spend money on.  Usually, luxuries like entertainment are one of the first things to get cut, but luckily you don’t have to completely give up on the fun things in life.  Keep reading for a few great ways on how to save money on entertainment.


Lots of us enjoy heading out to the movies, but unless you are really set on seeing the latest films, there are lots of ways to save money.  First, consider going to a matinee performance as prices are usually cheaper.  You should also eat before you leave home, as this will stop you from wanting to fill up on popcorn and sweets when you arrive.  If you’re not fussed about which films you see, consider signing up for a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Everyone likes to eat out from time to time, but if you eat out most nights of the week, the simple option is to start eating at home.  If you still want to go out to restaurants, try and visit them during happy hour when the prices are cheaper.  You can also look for coupon codes to cut money off your bill.  Another option is to go out for ‘inner’, which means dinner without the drinks and dessert – you’d be surprised how much you save by sticking to a main meal and soft drinks.  Some restaurants also allow you to ‘bring your own’ bottle, though many charge a corkage fee, so do look into it first.

Sport Events

Sport events can be a lot of fun, but they can also be expensive.  To save money, try and buy your ticket as far in advance as possible, and opt to sit in one of the higher tiers where prices are usually less.  Sometimes, you can also save money by picking up last minute tickets, especially if the match or event isn’t a popular one.  If the price is still too much, why not consider watching the game on an HDTV – you’ll likely get a better viewpoint doing this anyway.


Although everyone has their favorite bands and musicians, if it’s the atmosphere of a concert that you enjoy, you have plenty of options available to you.  Many small bands and musicians will play in local bars, coffee shops, and even parks, especially during the summer months.  If you live in a city, check to see whether any symphonies are accepting visitors for the rehearsals.  By seeing smaller live bands and musicians, you will save a lot of money, and are still guaranteed to have a great night out.

Cutting down on entertainment costs doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun.  Keep these tips in mind, and you will be surprised just how much you will save.

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Wednesday 21st of December 2016

nothing to say

Karrisa peterson

Sunday 11th of December 2016

I would love to go see the movies I'm pregnant I think my baby would hear I just need to get away.

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