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How to Save Money When Renovating a Bathroom

How to Save Money When Renovating a Bathroom


Bathrooms can make or break your general design plans. When yours has all the right fittings in place, it fits with your plans for decorating. When it is out of sync with what your idea for the entire house should be, then you have a problem in your hands. A great bathroom serves both a functional and decorative purpose, and you are going to need to carry out periodic upgrades to keep the place swanky all the time. Let’s explore how you can go about it and get to save money:

Start with a plan

Random additions and deductions cost money. You get rid of a wall here, kill a partition over there, and install a faucet at the other end. And you do things that might require undoing at some point down the line. The best strategy is to have a plan of what you need to do. Said plan should be drafted by a professional and needs to have all contingencies mapped out.

Don’t tinker with plumping

If your pipes are where they should be, then you will need to leave them alone. Tinkering with plumping might cause unforeseen problems such as leaks. If you do not need new pipes, do not buy new pipes. And do not disturb the bed where the old ones lie, because you might find yourself having to replace a whole line of tiles and grouts from disturbances that caused cracks.

Make use of pieces of granites for the tops of your counters

Construction stores have on sale pieces of granite that have been left over from big jobs. When these ones are sold to you, they come at a fraction of the price an ideal unit would cost. However, they do the same kind of work the big ones do, so grab a bunch of those and install them on the tops of your counters.

Does your bathroom need a full make over?

Some of the units in your bathroom might not even need to be changed. You might only need to do a deep clean and change a tap or two. This would save you a lot of money, not only on the bathroom units themselves but also on the trade who you might get in to come and fit the units or do any plumbing for you. It would be a lot cheaper just to replace taps and shower head or maybe the sink if need be. If you would like to know a few estimates on jobs then visit They will be able to provide you with an insight in to the cost of certain projects.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.