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How to Select A Coffee Table That Fits Your Sofa?

Nowadays, sofa or couch has become an indispensable piece of furniture in every modern house. It allows us to carry out a diversity of activities, such as enjoying a quick breakfast, watching TV programs, swiping your phones while lying on the sofa,  or hosting a fun party with friends. What’s more, if you need to work from home, the sofa area could be a perfect place, because it enables you to work in front of a computer comfortably.

When getting a suitable couch, the next step is to find a coffee table that is suitable for your couch. A coffee table not only can be used for placing hot drinks, laptops and other personal necessaries, but plays a decorative role to complete the look of your living room. So this article aims to give you some tips on how to select an ideal coffee table that matches your sofa/couch/sectional.

Key Dimension Need To Be Measured

Before buying a coffee table, doing some measurements is vital and necessary. Doing this will help you to narrow the range of coffee tables you need to choose. The main measurement should include the sofa width, the seat height of sofa and the armrest height of sofa. Also, you need to know the size of the place where the coffee table will be placed.

Besides, there are some principles that are helpful to choose a suitable coffee table. Firstly, the length of the coffee table should be shorter than that of the sofa, and it’s recommended that the length of the table is two-thirds of the length of your sofa. Following this principle allows you to make maximum use of the coffee table surface without sacrificing a balanced look.

Coffee table height is the second important factor when selecting a coffee table. A normal coffee table height is around 16-18 inches. However, it’s not necessary to buy a table that meets the height range, you just need to follow the principle about height.

Simply to say, the height of your tea table should be the same height or 1-2inch lower than the seat cushion of couch. With a proper height, you can work, eat, play cards comfortably when sitting on the couch or floor. Also, it won’t block the front vision, which makes your living space cozy and chic.

As for the width dimension, you only need to make sure the planned place could cover the width of your coffee table. Also, if you have a sofa with chaise, the width of your tea table should be shorter than the length of the chaise.

How to Pick A Coffee Table Shape to Go With Your Sofa?

When considering buying a coffee table, shape is an important factor. Generally speaking, the choice of shape has a great relationship with the type of sofa. Only matching the coffee table with your sofa can create a harmony living space. For example, if you have a standard sofa with 3-4 seats, a rectangular coffee table is an ideal option. Because it enables people who sit in different seats to reach the table conveniently. It also provides ample storage room than other shaped tables, which is suitable for families with lots of stuff.

If you prefer to use the coffee table for eating or working, a rectangular lift-top coffee table deserves a try. More, if you have a large living room, you can try a round or oval shape coffee table. A coffee table with curved edges helps to soften the look, which brings an airy and welcoming feeling to your home.

Usually, people tend to choose a loveseat if they have limited space or live in an apartment. A round or square coffee table is a desirable choice for a loveseat. Because the length of a loveseat is relatively short, it’s easier to find one round or square table with a proper proportion to your loveseat. Also, the nesting coffee table is great for a loveseat, which is beneficial to fill up your home and offers a balanced look.

The last type of sofa is the sectional sofa that can be divided into 2 types: L-shaped Sectional and U-shaped Sectional. A rectangular or square coffee table works well for an L-shaped sectional, because it could leave enough space for walking around and make everyone seated easy access to the table. When selecting a coffee table for your L-shaped sectional couch, please make sure that the table could be placed between the armrest on either end without extending out.

As for a U-shaped sectional, round or square coffee tables could perfectly fit in. These two kinds of tables can provide you a large surface area without taking up too much footprint. Also, a round coffee table is safe to use, which is more suitable for the family with kids.

4 Popular Sofa Styles and Matched Coffee Tables

This part will introduce some popular styles of sofas and how to select a matched coffee table based on styles.

Farmhouse Style Sofa and Coffee Table

A farmhouse style is about practicality and comfort. Usually, farmhouse style furniture is large, inventing and cozy. Sofas of this style have some common features:

  1. Finish in creamy, off-white and gray color
  2. Adopt cotton, linen and other natural fibers as upholstery materials
  3. Have tufted back or skirts
  4. Slipcovered loveseat is a typical representative of the farmhouse style furniture

Based on the main features of farmhouse couches, it’s best to pick a wood or wood&metal coffee table to create a stylish farmhouse living space. As the farmhouse decor prefers a light color palette, you can choose a wood coffee table with light-colored wood finish. Although a farmhouse coffee table is always built in a rectangular shape, it’s great to try other shaped tables as long as they could fit your space.

Mid-century Modern Style Sofa and Coffee Table

Mid-century modern interior design is characterized by clean lines, geographic shapes and natural materials, although it also adds new materials like plastic, plywood, steel for a stylish look. Many furniture pieces of this style showcase splayed wooden legs or hairpin legs. Mid-century modern couches are usually like this:

  1. Take a low-profile seating
  2. Plush cushioned seats and backrest
  3. Feature tapered wood legs
  4. Available in a variety of colors, from earthy colors to bright colors

If you have a mid-century modern couch, you may select a coffee table with a bold, geometric shape, such as an oval-shaped coffee table or surfboard style coffee table. Also, a wood&metal or wood&glass coffee table is very popular in mid-century modern living rooms. You can choose the one with tapered legs to echo with your sofa legs. Don’t buy a coffee table with too complicated design, because mid-century modern design prefers less ornamental details.

Industrial Style Sofa and Coffee Table

Speaking of industrial interior style, I think you must be familiar with it. Exposed bricks, weathered wood, rusted metal and worn leather couch are popular elements for a strong industrial vibe. Industrial style couches tend to:

  1. Finish in a leather or fabric upholstery
  2. Come in a big size
  3. Earthy color or neutral color is used more

To create a stylish industrial living room, the simplest thing to do is to buy an industrial-style coffee table. A coffee table of this style always features a wooden table top and sits upon black metal legs, which brings chicness to your home. As industrial design favors straight silhouette, so a curved shape coffee table may not very suitable for this style. Also, an industrial style coffee table should be relatively big so that it could match the couch.

Scandinavian Style Sofa and Coffee Table

Scandinavian decor style is famous for simplicity and functionality without sacrificing beauty. Modern furniture and natural wood are often used by designers in Scandi homes. It prefers to adopt a neutral color palette to pair with minimalist decor. Sofas of this style are:

  1. Finish in creamy, off-white and gray color
  2. Tapered or slim-profile sofa legs
  3. Streamlined design
  4. Use soft, comfortable textures at the upholstery material

Scandi coffee tables often combine practical use and timeless looks perfectly. Wood, metal and glass are trendy materials to produce a coffee table. To make the place clean and airy, coffee tables of this style favor white, black, transparent and light wood color most. Also, the size of a Scandi coffee table is smaller than others, which is ideal for a small Scandinavian apartment.


Sofas and coffee tables are two must-have pieces in every home, and we spend a lot of time around them with our beloved friends and family. This article teaches you how to select a perfect coffee table that matches your sofa from three aspects: 1. Dimension; 2. Shape; 3. Style. Hope this guide is helpful to you. And if you have further questions, welcome to leave comments.

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