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How to Stop Your Metal Furniture from Going Rusty

How to Stop Your Metal Furniture from Going Rusty

Prevent Rusting on Metal Furniture

Metal is commonly used in the construction of furniture, and it has maintenance requirements which are distinct from furniture made from wood and other materials. The good thing about metal furniture is that its durability makes it simple to care for, whether you intend to place it indoors or outdoors. In fact, many homeowners prefer metal furniture because it is strong, and will retain its good looks over time. Metal furniture can also handle exposure to rain, sun and wind, which would quickly damage furniture made from other materials.  But how do you stop your metal furniture from going rusty?  Keep reading to find out.

Protect it From the Elements

While aluminium may be immune to rust, other types of metal are not. The best way to prevent metal furniture from becoming rusty is to make sure it is never exposed to moisture for long periods of time. If you keep your furniture outside, and there is rain or a storm, you will need to go out and wipe it down once the rain stops. A better solution is to keep the furniture covered until you’re ready to use it or you see that rain is coming. Many furniture or garden stores sell covers which are designed for chairs and tables. When you are traveling away from home for extended periods of time, such as for a holiday or business trip, covering your metal furniture is extremely important. Of course, the downside to covering your furniture is that it’s covered, and will lose its aesthetic appeal, particularly if guests are visiting your home.

Use Coating Spray

Another product that can stop rust in its tracks is coating spray. This spray is inexpensive, and is comprised of a type of silicone which will create a special layer over the paint of the furniture. This silicone layer will stop the rust from appearing. To use coating spray, simply spray the material onto a rag and then apply it to your furniture. While this spray coating cannot remove rust which has already appeared, it will stop it from forming. Additionally, it will give the metal furniture a nice polish that will look nice and shiny on sunny days.

Things to Avoid

Many homeowners like to place metal furniture near their gardens. While an elegant piece of furniture from a site like House Junkie can be a great way to spice up this area, if the metal is in direct contact with soil, this will cause it to become rusty even if coating has been applied. The soil in the ground is always full of moisture and can corrode the legs of your metal furniture with ease.

Another novice mistake of many homeowners who buy metal furniture is to paint over a rusty spot in an attempt to conceal the rust. This will only work temporarily, and after a month or two the rust will return. In this situation a better solution is to use wire brushes or a piece of sandpaper and then add a coating.

Rust is the ultimate nemesis of most types of metal furniture. Preventing it is the key to ensuring that your furniture will remain in excellent condition for many years to come. When metal furniture is properly cared for, it needs only minimal maintenance.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.