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How To Take Care of Your Lawn – 4 Budget-Friendly Tips

Having a lawn is one way to go if you want your home to look better and have more value. But simply installing one isn’t enough and what’s more vital is being able to maintain it. Especially if you have good grass such as zoysia sod installed, you’ll have to do the work to make sure it stays in shape. Are you worried about the cost involved? Well, that’s no issue because even on a budget, there are ways to care for your lawn, and listed below are a few of these ways.


1.  DIY


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Before you even think about bringing in a lawn care company, think about what you can do to keep your lawn in top-notch shape. An advantage of doing it yourself is that you can get creative with it and make changes to your satisfaction. So instead of hiring a lawn care company that will pile up cost for you, consider getting the needed tools and getting your hands dirty. You might not even do that much work for a fraction of the cost of hiring others to do it.


2. Homemade fertilizer


Still, in the spirit of DIY, you’ll need fertilizer to nourish your lawn. Now it is quite expensive to buy just a bag, so if you have a large yard, then you might spend too much. Luckily the components of fertilizer are not that hard to come by. Eggshells, green tea, and coffee grounds make good food for the soil, and so you don’t need to throw them away. You can separate these food items from the trash and use it as fertilizer for your lawn. Lawn clippings from mowing also make excellent nourishment for the area and so don’t be in such a hurry to get rid of them. If you still feel the need for processed fertilizer, then twice a year is enough. Once, in the fall to jump-start the growing season, and a second time in the winter to prepare it for the cold. Also, whatever the case, always remember that less is more.


3. Make your own insect spray


Once you have grass, a few insects may come around to feed off it. Chemical sprays may work but not only are they expensive, but they may also contain harsh substances that may do more harm than good. So, here’s what to do – you can make your own. Something as simple as soapy water is great for deterring mites and whiteflies. A mixture of equal parts of cayenne pepper, fresh garlic, and water are also excellent beetle and cabbage loopers deterrents. 


4. Don’t mow too much 


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While mowing is good for the lawn, overdoing it is the opposite. Going too low exposes it to weed growth, the sun, and drought. Also, mow in different directions each time to prevent the grass from matting and the soul from becoming too compact.

Now, you can have a beautiful lawn without breaking the bank with these four tips. Of course, you may need a professional to do some more complicated tasks, but then the simple stuff will be taken care of.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.