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How to Throw an Election Party


The presidential election is just weeks away and the suspense is killing me! Who will come out on top? I think everyone can agree this election is like no other in the history of America. So instead of worrying about it and biting off all my fingernails while I sit in the dark watching the results, I decided to have a light-hearted party to break the tension. There are a few essentials you need when throwing an election party in 2016.

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Variety of Patriotic Decorations


This is the most important part of your election party. No matter who wins the presidency, we are all still for America. So get your banners, flags, table runners, and more! Your home should look like it is throwing up red, white, and blue.

Vintage Campaign Buttons


Because bringing back a presidency from the past seems like such a good idea right about now! Really, any of them. Show your support for your favorite campaign with a vintage campaign button.

Trump Wine


If you voted for Trump, you will most certainly want to celebrate if he wins the election. If you didn’t vote for Trump and he wins, well you can drown your sorrows in this 2015 Trump Chardonnay from Monticello. ‘Merica! Also this rocks glass, because it’s awesome.

Presidential Cookie Cakes


If you want to be the hero of the party, just show up with one of these presidential cookie cakes from You can choose from Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Gary Johnson. These are amazing! They cost $34.99 each with free shipping!


The caricatures on these huge 10″ sugar cookies are just hilarious. I can’t wait to cut into Hillary Clinton’s face and eat it. Looks delicious! You can vote for you favorite one here.


I hope my suggestions help you throw the best election party ever! May we all wake up sane and without headaches on November 9.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.