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How to Wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking out of Place

The history of the cowboy boot is somewhat debated but one of the most widely-accepted theories credits their invention to a Kansas shoemaker.

Legend has it that a Colorado cowboy commissioned Charles Hyer to make a pair of boots with a pointed toe that would easily slide in and out of a horse-riding stirrup. In 1880, shortly after creating his first pair of cowboy boots, Charles and his brother, Edward, founded The Hyer Boot Company.

Today, cowboy boots aren’t just for cowboys. gry maszyny za darmo They’re worn on ranches and runways by celebs and cowhands, alike.

Wondering how to wear cowboy boots without looking out of place?

Read on to find out how to rock this trend just like they did in the wild west!

Modern-Day Western Wear: How to Wear Cowboy Boots Without Looking out of Place

Who would have thought that men and womens western wear would be making headlines as the hottest new fashion trend in 2019? Fall’s most-wanted boot has been around for over a hundred years, after all.

This season’s fresh-off-the-runway styles aren’t just for wranglers. Even Hollywood celebs are going country.

But, if cowboy boots are new to you, these tips will help you master fall’s favorite trend.

1. Go Low

Unlike the styles of old, modern-day cowboy boots don’t always hit just below the knee. While yesterday’s boots were meant for riding, today’s ankle boots are meant for walking.

Sawed-off booties may be shorter than “the real McCoy“, but they are big in fashion. Short boots in bold color combinations are super-hot for fall.

Show them off while showing some leg. An oversized sweater and shorts make the perfect outfit to welcome fall.

When the temps start to drop, pair these cuties with slim cigarette pants or skinny jeans to finish out the season.

2. White Out

Whether you wear them high or low, all-white cowboy boots are all the rage this fall. Designers dress these bad boys up with gold studs or pointed toes. And, you’d be surprised how versatile white leather really is.

Wear them to work paired with trousers and a tucked-in tailored button-down. Or, they look just as stunning with a sassy shift dress for a night out on the town.

Slip some brass bangles or a gold cuff bracelet on your wrist to complete the look.

3. Classic Style

The classic western boot is still alive and kicking up dust in the fashion world. The boot that started it all never goes out of style.

You can’t go wrong with traditional brown or black leather. Simple stitched designs add to their authenticity.

Pull these boots on over leggings for an easy, effortless fashion that you can wear anywhere. Or, for a feminine look that we love, pair them with a belted dress in a flowy fabric and pretty, floral pattern.

4. Fringe Benefits

Fringe was practically made to be worn with western wear and it looks right at home hanging on the sides of suede cowboy boots.

Wear this moccasin-style boot with dark-rinse jeans for a simple and stylish look that’s sure to become a weekend-favorite. Or, try them with cranberry-colored jeans to spice things up a bit. Throw on a classic blue jean jacket to combat chilly fall days.

5. The Wild West

This fall, fashion is untamed.

Authentic, undyed snakeskin cowboy boots were a big hit on the runway. But, fall designs also include bright and bold colors, as well.

Turquoise blue boots bring a powerful punch of color to any outfit and can brighten up otherwise dull looks. Plus, this stunning shade of blue mixes seamlessly with neutral and earth tones for an effortless look that’s anything but average.

How Not to Wear Your Cowboy Boots

Before heading out in your new boots, there are few more things you need to know. Just as important as how to wear your cowboy boots is how not to wear them.

First of all, don’t try to go all out in head to toe western wear unless you’re a true cowboy or cowgirl.

Secondly, you won’t get very far in cowboy boots that aren’t the right fit for your feet. Make sure that you try before buy.

Also, some types of boots won’t feel comfortable at first. It helps to break your boots in by wearing them for a short period around the house several times. This will help to stretch the leather and make them conform to your foot easier.

Cowboy Boots for Men

The same fashion rules don’t apply to guys and gals, alike.

Men should almost always choose pants or jeans that fit easily over their cowboy boots. Any other attempt by guys to wear this fall favorite will most likely result in fashion faux-pas.

But, men will be pleased to know that their boots are still plenty-versatile. You can wear your classic pair to the office or to shoot a few games of pool at the local pub. Cowboy boots go anywhere without a hitch.

Stretch Your Wardrobe & Your Budget This Fall

Now that you know how to wear cowboy boots, you can step into fall in fashion. And, even better, the right pair of boots will make both your closet and your pocketbook go farther.

This fall fashion staple can be dressed up or down. And, you can wear your signature pair of boots to work or play without missing a beat.

Plus, you won’t need to spend a lot of extra money on clothes this season because these cowboy boots look great with all of the basics you likely already own. Plain tees, neutral colors and every shade of denim are a perfect match for just about any pair you can pick.

If you want more ways to stretch your budget this fall, keep browsing our blog for great money-saving tips and advice for frugal-living!

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