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Ideas on Decorating a Rental Property

Believe it or not, with patience, determination, and creativity you can actually turn a plain old rental property into a dream house. You don’t have to endure those boring, off-white walls or standard kitchen. You can upgrade your apartment and make it feel like home. The following are some of the cleverest apartment decorating hacks for you.

8 Ways to Decorate a Rental

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Change up the Paint Job!
Of course, if you’re a good tenant, you have to ask for permission first. Once you get the approval, you can begin your room makeover. Dramatic paint would make a huge difference, and the good thing about this is you don’t have to paint the whole place. You can just redo the entryway or the bathroom. Then, you can paint it back to its original color when you finally have to move out. Some rentals that you found through the Rentberry website, offer maintenance that can also handle repainting your apartment.

2. Upgrade the Lighting
If you have been renting for quite some time now, you probably asked yourself why lighting is always the worst feature in a rental property. Fortunately, this can easily be fixed; you simply have to swap out a shade or two and that’s about it. This simple change would make a big difference in your space. On the other hand, if you can’t upgrade your fixtures because of limited budget, then just stay away from using overhead lights. Instead, focus on something that’s more important, such as your growing collection of table lamps and stylish floor. Here are some lighting ideas.

3. Floating Shelves Are a Thing
If you have many decorative objects, and mementos, then you should definitely consider using floating shelves to show off your collections. These shelves will go with almost anything and you can change the look of the room. This also avoids making more holes in your apartment. As for rotating displays, basic shelves are always a strong basis.

Additionally, although this may sound pretty basic, this can solve the problem of clutter. Best of all, they’re not as expensive as you would think.

4. Improve the Window Coverings
In most rental properties window coverings are usually one of the areas that are neglected. Whether it’s depressing vertical blinds, or dirty old curtains, lackluster treatment is good for “temporary” homes. What are you waiting for? Upgrade to fresh curtains!

5. There’s Nothing Wrong with Investing in the Pieces You Love
Just because you’re living in a rental property, doesn’t mean that your movements are limited. You don’t really have to stick with the old furniture. You have the freedom of doing some upgrades. Don’t be stuck with the mindset that whatever you buy now won’t fit in your future home. You don’t have to live with the pieces you dislike. You probably shouldn’t buy a 10-person dining table or anything similar; however, it would be practical to get a nightstand, coffee table, or a dresser that has captured your eye. If you adore these pieces, chances are, it will look good in your home.

6. Get Some House Plants
Houseplants are affordable additions that could make your rental property look more personalized. Plants would also add color to your place and help clean the air. Studies show that houseplants could also reduce stress, and detract focus from something you don’t like.

7. Do Some DIY
If the place you’re moving in is unfurnished then take it to your advantage and do some DIY! From beds to dining, there are definitely many ideas that you can consider. Just browse the Internet, and you will discover a few. For example, pallet beds are all the rage. So, why don’t you DIY?

8. Always Focus on the Positive
Unfortunately; decorating a rental is not something that’s often done. What renters fail to realize is that it’s nothing different from decorating your own home. Instead of focusing on the negative side, such as, you wouldn’t be able to stay in this place permanently, why not focus on something positive, such as, it would be “fun” and you’ll be able to enjoy your stay even more.

Final Words
It doesn’t matter if you are a lifetime renter or it is your first time renting a property. Whatever your situation may be, you have to show your place some love. After all, it’s where you are going to gather and make memories. So make sure that you decorate it the way you want.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.