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Interesting Sports Related Christmas Gifts For Teen Sons!

Interesting Sports Related Christmas Gifts For Teen Sons!

Now is the time to start thinking about buying Christmas presents for your teen son. Since you want to see him happy on Christmas morning, you’ll want to find something unique that he’ll truly appreciate. With so many things available, it’s challenging to find the best gift, but there are some activities he may enjoy trying throughout 2016 and which you can gift him with this Christmas.


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BMX Bike

In recent years, BMX biking once again increased in popularity thanks to the X Games. It’s not only an exciting sport though, it also provides great exercise. If your son has showed an interested in extreme sports, why not buy him a BMX bike for Christmas? Imagine his smile when he gets to try his own bike after watching the BMXers compete on the TV. There are many BMX parks in the UK where your son could take his new bike for a test ride, and more are cropping up in towns and cities every year.


Another sport that’s grown in popularity is skating. There are a lot of different types of skates you can choose from today (for example quad, derby, inline) at stores like, but the most popular of all among teen boys are inline skates. But don’t forget that if you buy your son a pair of skates, you’ll also need to provide him with some protective gear and a backpack to carry everything in.

Skateboards and Longboards

If your teen son is a bit more daring, he might appreciate something like a skateboard or a longboard (these are like skateboards but much longer and with bigger wheels, which also makes them a lot faster than the traditional skateboard) better. There are also cruiser skateboards that are basically retro throwbacks to the 1970’s. The nice thing about them is they’re small so you can easily tuck them away out of sight when necessary.


There are so many different types of scooters available to choose from today. While the traditional scooter still exists, so do the following types:

  • Dirt scooters are great for riding through the dirt and grass in your own backyard if you don’t have anywhere else nearby.
  • Trick scooters (a.k.a. stunt scooters) can spin around a full 360°, which is why so many teens enjoy using them at the local skate parks.
  • Scissor scooters (e.g. the Trix scooter) have three wheels so your teen will find them easier to balance.

When you’re looking for an interesting Christmas gift for your teen son, you’ll find the options are endless. The great thing about all of these gifts, though, is they’ll also encourage him to get up and move around instead of spending all day on the couch. Just remember that along with the actual sporting device, you will also need to think about safety gear.  And, if you really want to impress, you could also buy him a couple of new outfits, including shoes and accessories, to further complement the look.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.