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Interior Design Tips for the Busy Mom

Interior Design Tips for the Busy Mom

Are you a busy mom who doesn’t have a lot of time to research interior design tips but who wants to also keep her home looking the best that it possibly can? Then continue reading to learn some easy interior design tips that will allow you to spruce up every room in your home whenever you feel the need to and whenever you need to modernise your home to keep looking great—and to keep its property value as high as possible.

Add Colours, Textures, and Patterns

Never be afraid of incorporating plenty of patterns, various textures, and bold colours throughout your home. Your kids will love the variety and you’ll be able to design a home that is modern and inviting.

You can add colour in myriad ways, not just on your walls in the form of paint. For example, you can get a colourful couch that has a great texture and a little pattern as well. For families with kids, this is a step in the right direction because it will actually serve to hide stains, spills, mishaps, and fingerprints that are common with rambunctious children. Also add colour with area rugs that have rich patterns and dark colours, as these will provide extra camouflage from accidents as well.

Upgrade Your Radiators

Upgrading your dated looking radiators can definitely make a huge impact on how any room throughout your home feels. If you are going to upgrade the radiators in one room, though, you should do it in all of your rooms because you want to create a really uniform appearance. Once great option is aluminium radiators, which look super modern and work wonderfully. For more information on aluminium radiators, do your research online and then decide upon the company and product that fits your needs and budget best.

Space Out Your Furniture

This is a really important tip for those who don’t have a lot of space to work with because a small room can look even smaller if you have a lot of cluttered furniture throughout it. Therefore, space out your furniture and keep the design a little more simplistic while providing plenty of space for foot traffic and children to play. If you currently have a lot of large pieces of furniture that take up a lot of room, swap them for small pieces that will provide more breathing room.

Avoid Overdoing Room Themes

While having a theme for a room is great, you don’t want to overdo it. Instead, focus on making your space unique and all your own. For example, if you’re going for a coastal theme, avoid the typical white and blue colour palette, sailboat images, etc. Get creative with how you can achieve the same look and vibe without being cliché.

As a busy mom, it can be really hard to keep up with cleaning and maintaining your home, never mind actually designing every room to always look its best. But with these tips, you can certainly create a home that’s warm and fun to be in for both adults and children.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.