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Interior Trends for 2019

As we’ve moved through the ages, interior trends have become more sophisticated. Gone are the days when trends used brightness for the sake of it, or bold patterns that would date in a matter of years. Increasingly, interior trends are becoming more timeless and slick, meaning that once you’ve invested in a piece, you’ll find yourself keeping hold of it as future trends make their way into your abode.

Bring in the elements

It’s no secret that bringing in a touch of nature can help bring a softness to any room. If you’re worried that your plasma television or Alexa are making your room look too much like a tech showroom, then Mother Nature can certainly help. If you’re concerned that this means an abundance of tropical plants, as the last few decades have seen, then you needn’t worry. While plants certainly make a house feel calm and inviting, there are other natural methods of making your home feel welcoming. Adding textures such as stone, granite, and wood will give any room a quality feel.  If you think about it, spas and wellness centers use these natural textures all the time to evoke the calm atmosphere of the outdoors.

Making the dresser the focal-point

When you walk into your bedroom, the first thing you’ll see is likely to be the bed – and so, of course, it should be carefully chosen. However, it’s important to remember that your dresser also showcases many of your luxury items, and maybe even a stylish lamp or vanity mirror. Finding an Italian dresser that is elegant and stylish enough to showcase your perfume bottles, photographs or makeup will pull your bedroom together effortlessly. 

Mushroom lamps

As amusing as this design name is, mushroom lamps have seen a massive resurgence this year. Their unusual design makes them a wall feature-piece as well as a way to add light to your room. Mushroom lamps come in a number of colors, and so they make for the perfect design feature to fit into a color-themed room.

Pastel is the new neutral 

In order to create a light and easy-to-style room, we’re frequently told that the best approach to take is that of using neutral colors. Of course, a neutral base means we can add bigger and bolder pieces of furniture and artwork on top, without any risk of clashing. It has been recently decided that pastels just work as well when it comes to keeping a modest color-scheme. Whether it’s pinks or teals, pastels have become the vogue choice of paint to go for this year. 

While recent years have prioritized copper, rose-gold and marble when it comes to interior design, this year hasn’t strayed too far. However, it has taken recent ideas and turned them on their head. Rather than using trendy metallic shades, it has opted for mellow natural textures. Instead of prioritizing Scandinavian-style neutrals, this year will see an increasing clever use of pastels to tone down and simultaneously brighten a room. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.