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When I was in high school, the selection of prom dresses was limited unless you wanted to spend more than $300 on a dress. Many stores in the local mall carried prom dresses, but they were all the same style, just in different colors. There was no way my parents were going to spend that much money on a dress I would wear one time. I had a job at that age, so I bought my own dress. Back then we didn’t have the option of buying things online as there was no internet!

Many girls might want to feel like they are getting a dress that they can reuse and wear again, like a cocktail gown. The truth is, you may spend over $300 on that “reusable” dress and never wear it again. JenJenHouse has many reasonably priced prom dressesĀ that are absolutely stunning, yet the price won’t make you cringe.


I absolutely love this Empire Sweetheart Floor-Length Chiffon Prom Dress With Ruffle Beading. The color is gorgeous. But you can get it in almost any color you desire, as it comes in over 30 different colors! And it is 60% off retail price! JenJenHouse has many dresses that are being sold at a huge discount right now! Prom will be here soon. The earlier you get your dress, the better. I waited until the weekend before my high school prom to go shopping, and the malls were packed with crazy girls fighting over the last dresses available.

If you are in a pinch, JenJenHouse offers quick delivery of prom dresses. With tailoring and shipping, you can have a dress within 3 to 4 weeks! That is very fast for a wedding dress, but don’t think that means these aren’t quality dresses. Many of the wedding dresses on JenJenHouse areĀ made-to-order, meaning you can give custom measurements! They include easy to follow pictures that show you how to measure yourself.

Don’t forget to complete your look. JenJenHouse also has accessories like shoes, jewelry, and clutches. Check out the sales at http://www.jenjenhouse.com.

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