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I have this memory of being very little and playing a game of “tag” with my cousins at my grandparents’ house in the summer. They had a gravel driveway. I slipped on loss gravel and fell. All I remember after that is screaming and then being in the bathroom with my aunt, who is a nurse, and looking down at my knee to see a small stone lodged in my knew. Now when you are little, everything seems so much bigger than it really is. As you can imagine, I thought a large rock was protruding from my knee, when it was really just the tiniest pebble. It could have been easily removed if I had not been screaming and thrashing in fear. After I calmed down, it was painlessly removed with a tweezers. Kids are dramatic, aren’t they? Well, no matter the size of the wound, it is still important to clean it correctly to avoid infection.

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Correctly cleaning and protecting wounds is the best way to start the healing process and getting back to action with confidence. But, knowing how can also be the hardest part! Luckily the Johnson & Johnson Wound Care site walks you through what to expect and which products to use for the post surgery, continued care, and back to mobility stages of healing.

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On this page you’ll find:

  • A “Stages of Healing” infograpic to share and save to Pinterest
  • Wound Care Essentials – learn which supplies are necessary for a speedy recovery
  • Information on the correct antibiotic creams, gauze pads, tapes and wraps for your injury
  • A collection of videos addressing common questions and concerns people giving homecare have
  • The best products for kids and active family members

Take a few minutes to read through the Johnson & Johnson Wound Care page and the next time you need to purchase the correct wound care supplies you’ll be prepared!

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