Travel to Las Vegas can be very inexpensive as there are many great deals to be had. You may think that to head to sin city you have to be in a mood to gamble quite a bit, but that is not the case. True, after playing free slot games ​online ​ at home you may be tempted to try your luck with the real deal, however Vegas has a lot more to offer.

Entertainment: All the casinos in Vegas are brimming with entertainment options. These are not just hotels, but whole little cities within themselves. There are magic shows, musical performances, theatre and so much more. Many world class act​s ​are now based in Vegas, so it may be the opportunity to see a show there that you may not see anywhere else.

Grand Canyon​: Just a short skip and a jump from Vegas is the grand canyon. This is a must see for any nature buff. The vastness of it will make you in awe. There are many fun attractions that utilize their proximity to the canyon, so if you want a nature hike or you are a thrill seeker, you can find something for you such as helicopter rides or car racing.

Eat your heart out: With world class hotels, comes world class cuisine. Best thing about Vegas is that places are often open late into the night. You can try dishes made by famous chefs, or you can try a food trend that you have always been curious about- ramen noodle burger anyone?

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