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Lowe’s Gift Card Deal – Buy $100 Visa Gift Card, Save $5 on Purchase #SaveatLowes

Lowe’s Gift Card Deal – Buy $100 Visa Gift Card, Save $5 on Purchase #SaveatLowes

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I can’t believe it is already May! Next month is June, which means Father’s Day is coming! Have you started thinking about what to get your Dad to show him you appreciate him? What kind of man is your dad? Is it artistic? A workaholic? A sports enthusiast? A grease monkey?

My dad is definitely a DIY kind of guy. Do It Yourself projects have saved him a lot of money over the years. Having a family of 9 (yes, my parents have 7 kids!), one really learns how to be frugal and utilize resources you already have. I remember my dad making a makeshift “sled” on the back of his lawn tractor out of plywood and chains, so that he could slide very large rocks to the other side of our house to do some landscaping around a tree. He was very clever!

Whenever we had a big project to do on the house, he would ask his brothers and friends for help. One of my uncles was a carpenter by trade, so that came in very handy. I have pictures of all my uncles building our deck in the early 90s in short shorts. Ha! Lowe’s has great gifts for the Dad who aspires to be the best fix-it man, do-it-yourself king, project manager, entrepreneur, business owner, or party planner. My dad was the guy who turned the garage into a dance floor complete with a hanging disco ball, laser beams, and strobe lights. So much fun!

What summer project does your dad have in mind? Lowe’s has everything you need for projects such as:

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room
  • Refinishing the deck
  • Building a gazebo
  • Creating a fire pit
  • Making an herb garden
  • Constructing a tree house
  • Building a lemonade stand
  • Hanging a tree swing
  • and so many more ideas!

Even just walking through Lowe’s can give you inspiration for something you haven’t thought of yet. Shopping for summer at Lowe’s is so much fun!

Visa Gift Card Deal

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Lowe’s is a great place to do all your shopping for your dad. From tools to gift cards, they have everything you need. Between 5-11 and 5-17-2019 shoppers can save $5 on a purchase when they buy a $100 Visa Gift Card at Lowe’s. And these gift cards do not have any fees! See store for more details. Find a Lowe’s near you.

Get your dad what he needs to this year to finish that summer project or throw an epic summer party. If you don’t know what to get him, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. A Visa gift card allows him to pick anything he wants or to treat himself to something he might not usually get.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.