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Luv2Kiss Invisible Lip Liner Review

Luv2Kiss Invisible Lip Liner Review

I received a free product in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


I have reviewed various products by Lashem, including the Brow Tint Lift and Fiber Lash Extensions. I am excited to share another great Lashem product with you, the Luv2Kiss Invisible Lip Liner. Before I received this product, I had never hear of invisible lip liner. I was very intrigued!

Luv2Kiss Invisible Lip Liner is a silky-smooth primer pencil that keeps lip color from feathering and bleeding, especially into the fine lines around the lip line. It keeps your lipstick application perfect. Apply the Lip Liner to the entire lip area to keep lip color in place, even when eating, drinking, kissing!

Some benefits of Invisible Lip Liner are:

•Prevents lip gloss and lipstick from bleeding or feathering
•Creates a defined shape to the lips
•Enhances any shade of lip gloss or lipstick
•Free of mineral oil, paraffin, preservatives, and animal-derived ingredient

I was not sure what I was expecting when I opened the product, but I’m reminded of the invisible crayon used to decorate Easter eggs. In a way, it was just like that! When you apply it, you can kind of see it if the light catches is right, but not really.

Invisible Lip Liner

I normally do not apply lip liner. My excuse is that usually the lipstick eventually disappears or wears off, and I’m left with an outline that is still visible. I don’t look in mirrors all day, so I worry what others are seeing when they look at me. But I will not have to worry about that again! The Luv2Kiss Invisible Lip Liner is truly amazing.

It has made it easier for me to define the shape of my lips. Sometimes when I apply lipstick, I go “outside” my lips. They I try to carefully wipe away the excess, but I wiped away too much. So then I reapply in that area, and it’s a vicious cycle. Because this liner is invisible, I’m also able to apply a thicker line to ensure my lipstick does not bleed.

Lip Liner

This product is really inexpensive as well. It only costs $9.99! Lashem is available in countries all around the world at retailers including stores like,,, and Pharmasave in Canada, and other beauty supply stores around the world, as well as on

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.