I received a free product from Madison Reed in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

I do not spend a lot of money on myself, but everyone has at least one thing that they are willing to pay extra for. My gift to myself is getting my hair colored at a salon. I have used boxed hair color before, and it is never worth it. There is never enough color, so I end up using 2 boxes.  The color is watery and therefore really messy. The color stains my skin and won’t come off. And probably worst of all, boxed hair color is full of chemicals that burn my scalp! So, I just came to accept the fact that I had to spend $100-200 on my hair. That may seem on the more expensive end, but I had really, really long hair. But at that price, I am not going back every 4-6 weeks to get my color touched up. It ends up being a once-a-year thing.

Thankfully, I’ve been introduced to Madison Reed. It is a little more expensive than the boxed color you find at a store, but way more affordable than a salon. The kits they send are fantastic! They include color, bottle applicator, 2 sets of gloves, barrier cream, a cleansing wipe, a cap, and shampoo & conditioner.


It has been about 6 months since I dyed my hair and you can see the evidence in the pictures. My ends are more red, and my roots are brown. You can also tell that the color is dull now.


So many different colors going on here!


I have fine hair, but I have a lot of it. When I go to salons, they never mix enough dye. They always end up making more, even though I warned them. You can order an extra color of bottle at checkout if you think you will need it, but I did not have to. There was plenty of color to cover my whole head. The instruction were very clear and easy to follow. Any color I got on my skin came right off with the barrier cream and cleansing wipe.

madison reed color


When you go to the Madison Reed website, you answer a series of questions to find the best color for you. The color I chose is Catania Brown – 5NGM. I think it turned out great! The color is even, the roots match the ends, and my hair is shiny and vibrant.


I’m so happy with my new color! Definitely worth the $24.95! I think I did just as good as a job as my $100 hair from a salon.


Here is another picture in different lighting.



Get your kit here!

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