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Make Document Access & Management Easier For Your Staff

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While we’re long past the days of needing to store endless filing cabinets in your office with paper records overflowing and taking up tables constantly, it’s important to understand that the new method of digitally managing documents requires no less care, attention and security know-how to get right.

While digital files do not digitally degrade, they can be deleted easily and accidentally, they can be placed in the wrong drives, and those drives can fail if not properly backed up. Making document access and management easier for you and your staff isn’t only limited to security measures you may wish to implement, however. You’ll also find that managing, sharing, and ensuring the compatibility of these files are also essential.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few means by which you can make this process easier for everyone who utilizes your business network, be that your staff, or those given temporary permissions to access your cloud storage. With that in mind, please consider these helpful tidbits of advice:

Shared Cloud Drives

Shared cloud drives can go a long way in helping your team access their documents. You can add templated documents to a shared drive resource and allow staff to copy those necessary files for themselves, allowing them to always have access to the exact documents needed for a range of paperwork necessities. Leveraging modern technologies to speed workflow up, such as accepting digital signatures instead of forcing them to print and scan again, can work wonders in keeping everything formatted well. Teaching our staff to organize and label their own personal drives can be key in this approach, too.

Templated Documents

Consider using a Project management template in your business. The aforementioned documents can be made even more suitable if we give ourselves time to manage their needs appropriately. For instance, official letters from your firm must be written with your letterhead at the top and vital information and digital signatures from each department head, as such, having these templated documents pre-arranged can prevent issues or mistakes in your branding and letterhead decisions from taking place. It will also save a staff member time from having to construct this all themselves, further elevating the chances of them working with comfort and never making undue mistakes.

Conversion Tools

Conversion tools, such as those that convert ppt to pdf, or allow for office documents to work with open office and Google docs, all of this can be applied using handy resource tools such as those provided and the export function in many software areas. This is also helped by making sure all of your staff are running the same software standards so that file sharing is easy and instantly compatible, as well as making your clients aware of the formats you use before they decide to do business with you. Every little decisions like this can really help, and so it’s worth planning that from now into the future.

With this advice, we’re certain you’ll make document access and management much easier for your staff to deal with.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.