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Master Caster Product Review #shopletreviews

I received free products from in exchange for a review post on my blog. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

Rolling Wrist Rest

Master Caster Rolling Wrist Rest (MAS99504) – The difference is in the roll Easily move from mouse to keyboard without lifting your wrist. Independent wheel rotation allows smooth rolling in any direction. Ergonomically designed soft foam padding provides comfort and support while helping to reduce joint stress.

I have a desk job and use a computer mouse all day long. After years of resting my hand on my desk while using a mouse, calluses have actually formed at the base of my hand. I have recently started to experience pain in my wrist and nerves. The Rolling Wrist Rest helps dramatically. I can move my hand right from the mouse to the keyboard without picking up my hand and moving my wrist.

Furniture Touch-Up Kit

Master Caster ReStor-It Furniture Touch-Up Kit (MAS18000) – Repairs and restores color instantly. For use on furniture, floors, cabinets, paneling, woodwork, doors and more. Use filler stick to repair deep scratches, gouges, nail holes and cracks. Apply marker to stain, finish and seal scratches and other imperfections. Five wood grain markers and three filler sticks per kit.

When I moved, I purchased a wood TV stand at an estate sale. I got it pretty cheap because it was banged up. With the Furniture Touch-Up Kit, I was able to make it look like new! It was really easy to use matched the wood color perfectly.

Microfiber Smart Gloves

Master Caster SMARTer Dual Action Microfiber Gloves (MAS18041) – Dual action gloves are safe to use on any electronic touchscreen. Soft microfiber material gently cleans touchscreens without scratching. Specially designed fibers in fingertips allow touchscreen activation in cold weather without removing gloves. Use all five fingers to activate any touchscreen device. Washable and reusable. Lint- and static-free. Convenient for portable phones, computer tablets, music, reading and texting devices.

In this age of technology, I have become dependent on my smartphone. Here in Colorado, it can get pretty cold in winter, and I hate taking my gloves off to use my phone. I had never tried these kinds of gloves before, and I was shocked at how well they worked! I didn’t have to press harder than normal or try a few times. Any app that I tapped opened immediately, and I found texting to be incredibly easy. is your one stop shop for all office supplies. You can even get promotional products, such as office stationery and promotional shirts, for your business.

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Scrappy Geek

Wednesday 22nd of January 2014

Very cool wrist rest. I bet it's 10 times more comfortable than the kind that is attached to the mouse pad - I really despise those (haha).

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