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Media Kit

*This media kit is updated monthly.

Subscribers & Stats

Facebook: 16,347
Twitter: 8,827
Pinterest: 4,161
Instagram: 1,541
YouTube: 891
Email: 1,184

Page Rank: 2

Unique Visitors: 3,700
Pageviews: 6,500

Klout Score: 55

Advertising Rates & Services Offered

300×250 Sidebar Ad: $50/month
125×125 Sidebar Button: $35/month
Textlink on Homepage: $15/month
Textlink in Existing Post: $25
Sponsored Post (300+ words written by me + 2 text links): $200
Sponsored Post (pre-written by you): $75
Product Review: non-returnable item sent to me, optional giveaway included at no charge
Giveaway: $20 without review item


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Emily P.

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